January 23, 2021
Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety – Understanding

“Prevention is better than cure ” since childhood we are hearing this. We all know this and we all believe in this. But are we really applying this? Some times “Yes” sometimes “No”. Actually most of the times “No”. Everyone of us knows the precautions to be taken in winters, but how many of us actually follows that?

On similar lines there are many situations, where we can take precautions, which we don’t do. Out of all such situations and platforms there is one platform, which is latest and becoming important part of our life. That platform is “Cyber” or “Internet”

This is very very useful platform for knowledge gathering, knowledge sharing, learning, business, communication and much more. One the other side it can become most dangerous platform. This platform should be used safely and securely.

Cyber Security

For secure use of cyber, there is plethora to tools. All tools gives us very secure ways of accessing the cyber platform. Be it a local network, cloud network or personal PC, so many tools are available for secure usage.

Cyber Safety

When it comes to safe usage of internet, we need to understand the meaning of it. It is about sharing information not only safely, but also about being responsible with that, being respectful of other people who are available online, and using good ‘netiquette’ (Etiquette for Internet). This we can call cyber safety.

Cyber safety is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technology. This is applicable for all users, irrespective of age, education, country, background, religion etc.

Understanding cyber safety is even more important when working with or caring for young children because they are unable to make their own decisions about what is being published online.

When you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, family member, or caretaker, it becomes more important to tell your followers, students, kids about guidelines, links, and resources for staying safe and accountable.

Be safe and responsible online

When sharing anything using technologies such as computers, mobile devices, email and the internet, it is important for you and everyone else who is invited to your account to understand netiquette and stay safe online. Even if you are confident of cybersafety, it would be a good idea to check whether all those who are invited to your account also have the knowledge they need.

We will share more stories, incidences, and ways to be safe. Till then,

so surf safe, be safe, stay safe.

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