September 30, 2020

“Dance is my identity” says Ivanka Das a trans sexual contestant of Dance Deewane 2

It is rightly said that passion knows no age, gender or caste. Shattering the stereotypes, the second season of COLORS’ flagship property Dance Deewane gave the spotlight to a trans sexual woman named Ivanka Das to showcase her deewangi for dance. Ivanka Das who recently underwent a sex change operation performed on the song Naino Wale Ne and received accolades from the judges for her confidence.

Ivanka was born as a boy, but always felt differently about her body. She fought for her identity to be recognised and needed her own family to come to terms with it before fighting the set society norms. After struggling for 32 years, she finally gathered the courage and took a decision that would not be well accepted by others, but she needed to take the step for herself. Ivanka fought all odds and finally decided to undergo a sex change operation to live a life that she desired irrespective of anybody’s opinion. Ivanka’s passion was dance and post the surgery she made it her only ambition. The body she once felt weird about was now cherished and her identity was complete. She believes that dance is the only way to her happiness and lets her express herself, freely, something she was denied for too long.

Ivanka truly believes that she is now in a position to advocate for trans women and encourages people to express themselves the way they like. Having danced her way through, she considers Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi as her idol.

According to sources, “The judges panel – Madhuri Dixit, Tushar Kalia and Shashank Khaitan had an emotional moment after hearing Ivanka’s story. They gave her a standing ovation not only for her performance but also for her strength and courage that is an inspiration for many others who feel trapped in their own bodies. Madhuri Dixit also went and complimented her on her expressions and movements finding them very graceful. The judges also congratulated her for fulfilling her dream and breaking the societal atrocities that once denied her true identity.”

The second season of Dance Deewane saluted the true spirit of Deewangi and experienced a never seen before dance performance.

To know more keep watching Dance Deewane every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on COLORS!

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