July 28, 2021

Delhi is the City of Cities

Delhi: If the theory of ancient Nagar Devta is true, then Nagar Devta of Delhi must have been definitely some extra ordinary artist to exist, which is why even after it was ruined and developed seven times, this city has lively vibrant customs full of vim and vigour.

Lutyens’ Delhi, Which is stretched out from Connought place to Shantipath looks like a well designed city of west, where as narrow bylanes of Old Delhi remind us of Banaras, the holy city.

As per Historians, there are only few cities in our entire world, which can claim about upholding their long-time existence and reputation of old tradition.

First medieval city of Delhi was established by Tomar dynasty and known by name of Dhilli or Dhillika.

Noted Historian Y D Sharma said, the name Dhillika has its first reference in the inscription related to 1170 AD of Bijolia Udaipur. The inscription also shows that chauhan rulars had full authority over Delhi.

In an inscription of Gayasuddin Tughlaq in the year 1276 has name of Dhilli and is situated in Harinayak Prasad.  

Historians say, an inscription of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq at year 1328, kept in the Red Fort Museum has reference of Dhillika city, situated in Haryana. In some other way, an inscription of Ladnu, Didwana in year 1376 show that Dhilli city was situated at Haritan Pradesh.

He has written that the English word Delhi or Dehli or Dilli come from the same as mentioned. In the scripts, we can only conceptualize the comparison of the word dehri in Hindi.  

Delhi was ruled by Tomar, Chauhan, Ghulam, Khilji, Tughlaq, Sayyid, Lodhi, Suri and Mughal rulers and in the year 1911, the Britishers decided to make Delhi as capital of unified India instead of Calcutta, and same has not changed after independence.

It is believed that on ground of 16th century old Fort lies Indraprasth which was the capital of warriors of Hindu epic Mahabharat era. Archaeological survey of India excavated the site which stake the houses of pre historic era to medieval era also existed here.

Here evidences of post gupta era, Shak, Kushan, and Maurya era also existed.

In 1966 Archaeologist found an inscription of Mourya King Ashok (273-236 BC). It was in-scripted in on the rough rock at Vivaspuri an end of Aravali ranges.

According to Sharma, first city of seven Delhi was existed in the 10th century but for proof of existence of Delhi, this is not sufficient.

It appears that in around Delhi, first village established around 3000 BC. During the excavation at Old Fort some utensils made by gray clay were found. They were around 1000 years old.

Seven cities of Delhi, described in history are Quila Rai Pithorav which is established by Prithviraj Chauhan at 12th century, Siri by Allauddin Khilji at 1303, Tughlaqabad by Gayasuddin Tughlaq, Jahanpanahabad by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq, Firozabad (Kotla Firoz shah) by Firozshaah Tughlaq, extension of Old Fort of Sher Shah Suri and Shahjahanabad established by Mughal king Shahjahan during 1638-1648.

At 1911 British Ruler transfer their capital from Calcutta to Delhi. British Architect Lutyans prepared the planning of New Delhi at Raisina Hills and during 1920’s New Delhi or Lutyans Delhi established at the south of old delhi.

After independence at 15th August 1947, New Delhi becomes the capital of country. At 1991, by 69th amendment in constitution, Union territory State Delhi became National Capital Territory of Delhi.

At present, as per area of New Delhi is largest metropolitan and as per population, this is second largest city of India. According to census 2011, Delhi’s population is 1,67, 53, 235 and this is 8th largest city in the world.

Deepak Sen – Senior Journalist 

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