May 25, 2020

Delnaaz Irani on crossing one lakh followers on Instagram: I have a genuine and loving fan following

Actor Delnaaz Irani is on cloud nine seeing the response of her fans on social media. The actor now has more than one lakh followers and is loving it “It feels nice to have one lakh followers but it’s a long way to go. I was never very active on social media. I just become active about a year back on Instagram. Seeing people around me, artists and other people around me who are so active on social media made me more aware that it’s important as an artist to keep your social media activities alive,” she says.

The actor is in love with her fans and feels that they genuinely love her as well. “I have had a genuine and loving fan following. People feel that I am approachable and have no starry tantrums. So even when I am at the airport, or malls or even eating food, people approach me for a picture and I can never say no to my well-wishers. This is why I have gathered a genuinely loving fan following. They actually know my body of work and personal life and are aware of things and they wish well for me and that why I feel it’s a genuine bunch of people,” she says.

The actor has quite a social media schedule for herself. “I have just started a time table for my week in terms of Instagram. People like what I wear, so I talk about something innovative on Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays work for me so I put up a video of my old shows or my films. Friday is all about fashion, Tuesday is all about travel with D, Monday is Monday motivation, it could be my Zumba dance class picture of a travel picture where I am doing something innovative and different. So, it’s kind of an entertainment and informative thing for people. I am talking about travelling to different places and wearing different things,” she says.

Ask her what she doesn’t find very appealing about social media, and she says, “I dislike that this has become the most important thing in people’s lives. We have become less real than real people. For example, when you are sitting in a restaurant, I see a lot of my friends taking pictures and making stories. First, eat with people who you have come. This has become the most important thing in people’s lives. Instagram has become huge in people’s lives. That is something that people must cut off as it seeps into your privacy. If it’s balanced out well, it works. I don’t get up in the morning and check my phone, I read the paper. I put my phone on charging in the morning so that I don’t touch it.”

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