Do not ever use your ego in the gym: Amal Sehrawat


Actor Amal Sehrawat is a perfect example of the proverb – nothing is impossible. Amal who is currently portraying the role of Jaggya in the hit show Choti Sarrdaarni now has a six packs ab. But his condition was not good a couple of years back. Amal had a slip disc and had to undego surgery. After that he had stopped workouts as suggested by the doctors. Amal says,”I had a slip disc surgery last year and it was a terrible situation for me. I was almost paralytic and operation was the only solution. My weight became 101.5 kilos. I am 6 foot 3 inches tall so I could carry myself with that weight but it was not easy.

There were times when I was feeling breathless. I have been always very fit right from my modelling days and fitness was my mantra. So when I gained weight and stopped workouts I went into a depression. I felt maybe I can never get back my strength in my lower back. My wife Neha, who is a sports nutritionist, suggested me to lose weight and also asked me to have patience to recover my strength post operation. So I got dietary suggestions from my wife and then my personal trainer Mayur Rane started guiding me with my workouts.

This year, March onwards, I started workouts under Mayur’s guidance and followed his instructions. I gradually started gaining confidence which I lost and gave my body time to adjust as well. Right now I have lost all the extra weight and have a six packs ab. I have lost 15 kilos in 3 months. I always feel abs are not very important. The most satisfying factor is the fact that you are healthy.”

Speaking about his greatest take away from this situation Amal says,”Many times in the gym, we lift our egos and not weights. Please don’t do that! Do not ever lift your ego in the gym. When I had a slip disc, I was also lifting weights maybe I was not supposed to lift. That happens, many times when we try to imitate others. Please do not do that.” When it comes to inspirations Amal has this two iconic people Sylvester Stallone and Hrithik Roshan. They have faced several challenges when it comes to their body but at the end they have both conquered and become victorious.”

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