June 1, 2020

Double Dhamaka

For actor Jameel Khan next Friday 3rd May marks an important milestone. Two of his films Blank and Setters are releasing on that date. Jameel, whom we have seen in films like Baby, Gangs Of Wasserpur and Cheeni Kum has completely opposite roles in the two films. In Blank he plays the main antagonist and in Setters he plays the good cop!
Speaking on this, he says,”For an actor it is a rewarding moment when two of his films release on the same week and in two diametrically opposite roles. In Blank I am playing the negative lead who has nothing to do with goodness and he doesn’t care about the society. On the other hand in Setters am playing a good honest responsible cop who wants to destroy the education mafia in the society. He feels this mafia is actually ruining our youth who form the base of our country.” Jameel feels he has been quite choosy with his roles. He adds, ”I have always believed in my talent and do not want to create monotony in my work. I always try to do different things.” So next Friday will be a double dhamaka for Jameel Khan

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