March 8, 2021

Ek Brahm Sarvagun Sampann enjoy iftaari together

Dipti Kalwani’s popular show Ek Brahm Sarvagun Sampann is being loved for its unique and thrilling content. While the viewers are loving the show, the actors, too, are enjoying shooting it. They have been putting in their heart and soul for the success of the show.

As Ramzaan is going on currently, many actors are also fasting. The team have iftaari on the set daily. Actor Shrenu Parikh says, “I celebrate Iftaari every year on whichever set I am working on. I make it a point that at least 1-2 days, I host iftaari for whoever keeps Roza. I enjoy it. There is no differentiation in any class. We all sit together and we all relish all the dishes. It’s a great feeling as all the technicians, spot boys and everyone sits together and do iftaari together. This shows unity and there is a sense of love and emotion going on when we all sit together and eat. We have seek kebabs, pakodas, fruits and all but my favourite is ruafza faluda.”

Actor Zain Imam says that it’s amazing to have Iftaari on the set. “Well, it’s always great to get sewaiyuan for people of different religion and culture because they wait for Eid, so that they can have the yummy sewaiyyan. It always makes me happy to treat them all,” he says.

Well, as they say, a team that works together, eats together… stays together!

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