June 7, 2020

Frenemies, Tenali Rama and Tathacharya bond over their love for ‘PaniPuri’

Sony SAB’s most cherished show ‘Tenali Rama’ has brought the age old epic folk lore of Tenali Rama to life. The show is receiving immense support and love from their audience and has wooed them with an epic historic storyline along with interesting characters. The show showcases two iconic frenemies of all time, Tenali Rama, played by Krishna Bharadwaj and Tathacharya, played by Pankaj Berry. The duo has captivated the audience with their constant clever schemes to one up another.

Tenali Rama and Tathacharya are always engaged in a tiff with one another in the show but little did we know that things are entirely different off screen. This fun-loving duo shares the most wonderful bond over the most unexpected of things – their love for khattimeethiteekhi‘PaniPuri’! Krishna and Pankaj were spotted enjoying PaniPuri during their trip to Ahmedabad, where they made stops at several places to relish the variety of flavours that Ahmedabad has to offer for this Indian street snack. Enhancing this unforgettable experience, the two treated themselves with the refreshing chhaas and other tempting street food of Ahmedabad.

When asked about their experience and this special bond over PaniPuri, Krishna Bharadwaj said, “Pankaj ji and I share this immense love for PaniPuri and make it a point to stop at at-least one joint while travelling. Even while we are shooting, we often make plans to either go out or order it on our sets. Recently, on our visit to Ahmedabad, I even made PaniPuri by myself on one of the stalls and served it to Pankaj ji. However, we were still not satisfied and made another stop in the evening, while going to the airport, and enjoyed another round of the mouthwatering PaniPuris of Ahmedabad.”

Telling us more about their fascination with these lovely puris filled with spicy chutneys and other fillings, Pankaj Berry said, “It is always fun when Krishna and I are shooting together. To add a little more flavor to this fun, we share this crazy love for PaniPuri. During our promotional visits across India, we make 2-3 stops sometimes just to enjoy some PaniPuri. We had numerous rounds of PaniPuri during our visit to Ahmedabad and our fans were shocked on knowing that their favorite characters from the 16th century enjoy eating PaniPuri too!”

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