May 25, 2020

Gaurav Sareen injured on a set of Udaan

Gaurav Sareen who is playing the lead in the television show “Udaan” got injured while shooting for an action sequence. In a scene where Gaurav was supposed to fall in a hole which was a trap but it didn’t go well as expected while doing the scene, Gaurav reached the spot where he had to fall in a hole because of some reason he didn’t able to balance himself and got scratches and cramp on his ankle.

Talking about the incident, Gaurav stated “while doing the scene I didn’t step on the exact spot and this lead to imbalance and hurt my ankle. As an actor, it’s a part of our lives we do stunts some time it goes very well or maybe sometimes you get a memorable experience. But for the perfect shot, I think a bit of pain was completely worth it.

According to Gaurav, he was not able to stand, soon in an hour or two he was ready for his next shot, As the show is high on Trp and also because of busy schedule it was impossible to delay the shoot and wait for him.

Gaurav added, with the help of Ice and pain killer I continued the shooting ignoring my injury and got ready for my next shot because I always believe in that saying, “The show must go on”.

The Show Krishna Chali London fame actor Gaurav Sareen who was playing a role Radhe has left the show and joined as the lead in Udaan as Sameer opposite Tanya Sharma.

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