July 28, 2021

Gokhale family celebrates 100 years of Anna’s shop on Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi

Sony SAB’s latest show Bhakharwadi has won the hearts of audiences with the portrayal of sweet and sour relationship between two families. Since Anna’s (DevenBhojani) Bhakharwadi shop has completed 100 years, the entire Gokhale family prepares for its celebration, but there’s some confusion.

As Gokhale family prepares to celebrate 100 years of Anna’s shop, Abhishek (AkshayKelkar) receives a call from his sister, Vibhawari(RasikaVengurlekar), requesting to be a part of the celebration. Considering the fact that Anna can’t stand her, the family asks Abhishek to refuse her from coming but Abhishek can’t say a no. However, to everyone’s surprise, Anna himself writes an invitation for Vibhawari asking Abhishek to deliver it. Meanwhile, Mahendra Thakkar (PareshGanatra) searches for film stars to be the chief guest for his shop’s opening but ends up requesting Anna for the same.

Will Anna’s invitation bring smile to Vibhawari’s face? Will he accept to be the chief guest for Mahendra’s shop?

AkshayKelkar, playing the role of Abhishek said,“Abhishek is a very innocent guy and finds it hard to say a no to anyone. This quality of his has landed him into a trouble this time. Whether or not he is able to handle the situation, is for the viewers to find out.”

DevenBhojani, essaying the role of Anna said,“Anna cannot bear his daughter Vibhawari at all. Though he has sent an invitation for the celebration to her, there is a twist in it. It will be a mix of emotions and comedy in the upcoming episodes.”

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