September 30, 2020

Hero, Heroine or Entertainers!

We usually quote a lead actor or actress as ‘hero’ or  ‘heroine’ respectively,and, we definitely do not pay any attention to it but today we will!

Basically,the lead male actor is quoted as ‘hero of the movie’ as he is the ‘Center of the movie’, the focus of the movie is targeted on his life,actions and most of the story revolves around him.

But,certainly the public has taken it quite seriously and  follow what is been heard without measuring the depth or impact of the words that are been used.Now,these actors are universally called as heroes or heroines.

Who is a Hero?

A person who is admired for his courage.
I think with the definition like that when I put the name of an army man under the word ‘Hero’  goes really well! They are the ones who do not take a camera along while doing the action scenes for real and dies in real.They are the actual heroes.Unfortunately,they have to give away their life to get noticed.None of the army man has million of followers,nor they have any fans,may be because they forget to post their heroism over media or build a movie around it.

Let us all know that onscreen artists are ‘entertainers’,no hero or heroine.They are a bunch of talented people who are earning their daily bread by entertaining us.And, that doesn’t make them superior to any of us.
They have million of followers over the social media platform,great!What an easy way to get free goodies from the brands to endorse it to us.

And,here we are , ordering the very same product just because the ‘xyz’ entertainer got it for free and endorsed it!How does an entertainer becomes a specialist in clothing,dental kits,jewellery,electronics all at the same time?!We certainly are aware of the fact that they are endorsing a product just because they got it for free or are getting paid to do so!

Yes!we all do, but we tend to go after a wague belief that  ‘if he is endorsing,it must be a thing’. No, please try and test a product or service and then go for it.Also,do not make them feel like ‘god’ for entertaining you.Let us start making the best use of our education and load the practical thinking.Let us deliberately follow and become the fans of our Nation’s heroes to boast their confidence and tell them that they inspire us all,and we are watching and praying for them.Tanvi Aeran Bansal

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