March 8, 2021

Home Grove Local Toy Manufacturers

A child first companion which they show off happily everywhere. They share their moments of joy, sorrows everything with them. A toy plays an important role in emotional well-being of child. A toy brings smile to a crying child. Whenever we travel back in memory lane of childhood. we recall all the toys we cherished, a precious gift. There were few toy options earlier like Wooden toys and clothes based. Now a days there is endless variety starting from soft toys, electronic toys, illuminating toys. Talkative toys, music toys are day to day need.

Majority of toys are imported. Some of them do not offer quality products but in race of price sensitive markets they are available in bulk. Now Indian Toy industry is also advanced. They can give fair competition having wide range of toys from traditional to board games. There are number of artists behind Indian toys who is keeping our culture and heritage alive.

Let’s promise to support home grove toy manufactures and increasing employment also for our artists. With each toy sale light their homes and bring the radiance of their happiness to your homes. Let’s support make in India toys.

Author : Shipra Dhingra

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