June 18, 2021

I am a strong women because a strong women raised me

Trained as a textile designer and later as a well-established interior designer, Mrs. Sujata Chitalwala, Principal Designer at Designers Group, has always had an eye for aesthetics and a flair for people management, this has helped her position herself perfectly in managing and guiding the design team. Her vision for Designers Group is to make it a company that can become a holistic consultancy for the hospitality sector.

Sujata mainly looks after the overall planning and soft furnishings area of luxury homes and all the hotels that are being fabricated by Designers Group. She possesses superior architectural intellect than her male counterparts and her touch of femininity enables her to have an upper hand while envisaging soft furnishings.

Being an experienced member of the design fraternity, she feels that women have come a long way from only being deemed fit for the role of a ‘housewife’ to conquering every possible field. On the occasion of International Women’s day, she emphasizes that “The world is witnessing a significant change in all possible arenas highly influenced by ‘women’.

From philanthropy to investing in entrepreneurship, women face unique challenges in their quests to make an impact. They rise through the ranks of impact-focused firms, smash old paradigms and create better, more inclusive business models.”

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