July 4, 2020

Identity Crisis

When I was born
I was student after few years
Never knew when I became employee
A employee who can be at any step of ladder
Still just a employee who can be waved goodbye any time
So many years passed other relations a daughter ,wife ,mom ,friends are there but still most prominent a employee
Each day starts with tag
No matter how many Sunrises Sunsets I missed
I found its always dark when I left and enter house

Iam a employee
That tag became so precious I forgot almost I know something beyond
Dont remember Birthdays ,anniversaries but never forgot webinars ,webex ,skype.
one fine day employee tag was taken back
I came back with heavy steps
Everybody in my house asking in brighter sunlight who are you
They know only a employee who talks to them about employment world
They are still figuring who am I

Iam a lost child
Still thinking I miss tag or small luxuries tat tag brought
Never realized I forgot what interests me beyond


Shipra Dhingra

Iam Shipra Dhingra a IT professional from a decade served in many mnc companies in various roles .Iam also blessed with two kids a Son and daughter to complement life with various colours .we often write /sing in our memories .During lockdown i noted my poems and started ahead .Looking forward in this journey.

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  1. Amit Singh says:

    Excellent one Shipra !
    Any employee can correlated with this.
    True feelings penned down.
    Keep it up 👍

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