January 27, 2021

India’s first 3 in 1 in-built wires support PB-X12 Portable Power Bank

The PB-X12 portable power bank comes with a 10,000 mAh battery with attached 3 in 1 cable supports and is priced at Rs 2,999

23/12/2019, New Delhi: UBON, one of the leading Gadget Accessory & Consumer Electronics brand in India, has launched PB-X12 Power King Portable Power bank at a striking price of Rs 2,999. With an impressive 3 in 1 in – built cable support, this palm size portable power bank is 10X smaller, 100X faster and 5X more efficient than any other silicon devices currently being used for traditional charging.

The imposing power bank features a built-in V8, Type C cable and IPhone cable as well. With a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, the power bank can charge your iPhone 2.4 times and your Android phone 2.2 times more than any other power bank in its category.

Apart from the rapid charge feature, this powerful product consists of precise IC-protection that helps you avoid over-charging, over-discharging or even short circuit that may shorten the life of your device and sometimes cause irreparable damage to your most prized possession.

PB-X12 Power King also has dual USB ports apart from the type C and lightning cable. With a max output of 2A, it can power up your smartphone/ tablet faster than conventional 1A chargers/ power banks. The minimal design can fit in your bag, pocket or even your hands when you’re on the go. It also features an LED Indicator, which intimates you about the amount of power left in the power bank. This handy power bank is lighter than other portable power banks, which makes it a perfect fit for travel enthusiasts as well.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Mandeep Arora, Co-founder, UBON said, “After a successful debut in the smart watch & wireless power bank category, we aim at delivering to our consumers, a world class experience with the UBON PB-X12 Power King Portable power bank. After exhaustive innovative research from our technical team, we have come up with India’s first power bank with a 3 in 1 inbuilt wire support. We are planning to bring in some exciting launches in 2020 as well, to provide an unparalleled experience to our consumers.”

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