January 23, 2021

Is big Boss 14 scripted or Reality

Big boss 14 is running more than 90 days. Few old time challengers made entry almost in finale week. The makers decided to extended it further and Rakhi, Arshi Khan, Vikas gupta, Rahul Mahajan, Kahmera Shah, Manu Punjabi made entry .

Now why Big Boss seems to be scripted.

  1. Contestants often fight for making food and household duties whereas in reality no celebrity feeds parathas, chawal as they are in show business. so, fitness is key. Surprisingly even after 90 days never seen any contestant reduced or increased weight.
  2. Rakhi :: She was crying continuously claiming Julie soul has entered her. she reacted as if she is Julie who was dead many years ago in house which is currently big boss house. All house mates were little scared and seek medical attention for Rakhi. Then next week there was task collecting gold coins related to Julie played by Rakhi and Rahul Mahajan her ex-husband. So, what was real Rakhi tantrums of par anomic activity or ….
  3. Abhinav and Rubina shared secret for gaining immunity both are on verge of divorce.

There was no single moment when Rubina and Abhinav were not together holding hands, locking eyes. In fact Abhinav protects lot of time Rubina from Arshi khan remarks. So difficult to make out what is real …

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