January 27, 2021

Jasmin Bhasin celebrates her Birthday in the city of love Paris

Jasmin Bhasin who recently quit from Star Plus’s show Dil Toh Happy Hain Ji is on a vacancy mode. The actress is traveling to Paris with her friend Meera Deosthale. Asking about the birthday plans she says,” I am gifting myself a much-needed vacation and Paris was always at the top. I love traveling and I want to explore the whole world, I like meeting new people, trying different cuisines and indulging in street food as I am a big foodie. Traveling with your best friend makes it more exciting. I will be celebrating my birthday in Paris, that feeling is awesome and am looking forward to a memorable birthday this year.”

When ask about what she thinks about aging, She say,”I totally think that age is just a number not just go mature but I think we evolve, we learn a lot with time and we start living our life in a better way.”

One birthday that will always stay on her mind she says,”I remember during my childhood it was raining heavily in the city and my mother and my grandmother organised my birthday party, they went out in the heavy rains to get all the stuffs and unfortunately nobody turned up as it was raining heavily that day. I feel so sad for them but I love them for putting in so much effort.”

Jasmin also underwent a makeover here she is rocking a classic fringe haircut. She looks absolutely stunning in her new look.

Well this birthday does seem like a rocking one for Jasmin. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

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