June 18, 2021

Kartikey learns archery in real life to prepare for his role in Chandragupta Maurya

Sony Entertainment Television’s Chandragupta Maurya is one of the most popular shows on Indian television. The intriguing story line has kept the viewers hooked on to the show week-on-week. The lead actors are overwhelmed with the positive response that they are getting from their fans and are putting in their best to ensure that their fans are hooked on to their show. Based on a chapter from history, the show has many plots and sequences which are not just physically but mentally challenging too. The actors are giving every such act their best shot by practicing consistently to get the art right.

In the on-going track, Chandragupta is seen getting trained by Chanakya to destroy the wealth of Dhananand. Helping him train is his on-screen mother Mura played by Sneha Wagh. He in undergoing an intense archery training by Chanakya who is teaching him the art. Archery as a sport requires a lot of concentration and patience, hence it was important for the actors to learn that as well to make it look as real as possible on-screen.

Kartikey Malviya who plays the title role of Chandragupta Maurya spoke about the track, “I know the basics of archery, so when this sequence was narrated to us, I was very excited and looking forward to the shoot. We started training for it, couple of days before the main shoot and our Creative Director Amol Sir who knows the art form trained me in it. Also, my senior co-star Tarun Khanna who also has knowledge about archery shared some important tricks so that I get it right. We had a lot of fun shooting for the sequence as both on-screen and off-screen it had become our toy to play with. The entire learning has come out very beautifully on-screen and I look like an archery professional.”

The ongoing track is one of the highpoints of the show, as viewers will get to see how Chandragupta under the aegis of Chanakya is finally able to destroy Dhananand’s most treasured wealth.

Watch Chandragupta Maurya every Monday to Friday at 8pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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