January 23, 2021

Know What You Eat And Drink

You have always heard of You are What You Eat but we have added drinks also here as we as Food experts understand the importance of hydrating your body with drinks which are not only tasty but healthy also.

Now I am sure you must be aware that healthy drinks are the drinks with lesser or no sugar but are you aware that there are many other ingredients, which make your drinks very unhealthy. So today we shall discuss drinks one by one and try to understand which one is the best for us?

In every blog we shall talk about one drink and try to analyze its constitution and few claims that these food industries make. By the way I am also a food technologist by profession and can certainly take you through these varied drinks which keep attracting you from shelves of super stores.


Start analyzing the labels. Reading the labels and understanding what’s not written is something we all should understand.

  1. Serving size: you picked up a can and very wisely checked the no of cal written , just recheck if its written per serving or per can. They would very smartly make you feel good that it has 65 cal / serving and their serving size can vary like my serving size is 2/3 cup and yours serving size might be ½ cup so just imagine its not only about serving size but its about the company’s serving size. So next time when ever you read labels be careful with the serving size.
  2. Do not let the healthy claims fool you: No added sugar but ingredients would show HFCS that is high fructose corn syrup. So is it bad for you ? Yes by all means its bad for your health as it is used in majority of foods without calling much attention. Even low fat foods have HFCS to make up for the lost flavor. HFCS like all sugars is nutrient empty and very high in calories. It leads to glycemic problems which is not good for diabetics. So consider avoiding processed foods or drinks with HFCS.
  3. Read 1st Three ingredients with utmost care as it will give you a fair idea of what your drinks or foods have in maximum. Just see the number in the list and understand how good is it for you?

We will discuss more facts about understanding labels and move on to understand different foods, diets and fads.


Poonam Kapur — https://poonamkapur.com

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