May 16, 2021


Before the pandemic:

A pandemic comes like an unannounced house guest. You never expect it to come and it comes. Life before a pandemic runs like a normal society. The young children go to school, the adults go to work, the older retired people spend their time with other things at home. And all of a sudden, a pandemic strikes. During the pandemic: People initially don’t get scared of the pandemic. The first person who dies from the disease will definitely get a lot of recognition.

Then a few more people will begin to die. As the death toll slowly increases, the fear and panic in people slowly begins to rise. The daily activities which are run in the society begin to get disturbed. Schools get shut down, companies start laying off employees and more people begin to die. As the old adage suggests, one death is a tragedy but a million deaths is a statistic. If people were initially prepared for the pandemic, the death toll might have been reduced. But as they always take it lightly, the pandemic reaps through humans and plants its palm of death.

After the pandemic:

The people who survive the pandemic will have a new-found respect for life. While the people who are unfortunately deceased will become a statistic. The generation which has survived a pandemic will definitely be ready for the next pandemic. Life immediately doesn’t go back to normal. It takes a while for people to adjust. But the ones who are fortunate enough to be breathing, respect each and every breath they take.


Surya P Life After Pandemic
Surya P

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