September 21, 2020


Masterchef Australia Season 11 is currently streaming on Hotstar Premium

After a decade of culinary goodness, Masterchef Australia continues to captivate audiences across the globe. While food takes CenterStage on the show, judge Matt Preston’s fashion sense is not far behind! Over the years Matt Preston’s eye-catching fashion sense has managed to steal the limelight from all the gorgeous food on the plate.

Preston’s fashion mantra focuses first on comfort and then bold diverse designs. The beloved star’s confidence coupled with his wardrobe, is what makes him one of the most lovable people on Television. We take you through the man’s evolving fashion journey as he pushed all boundaries with his flamboyant outfits:

Our eyes are only for the yellow cravat in this picture.

Look straight down at the shoes.

Polka dots and block print all together, this picture is worth a social media meltdown.

Image result for matt preston fashion

Savvy suits anyone? Flamboyant and fab!

Who can ever be so confident with those green pants?

Catch Matt Preston’s latest style on Masterchef Australia Season 11 now streaming on Masterchef Australia

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