July 28, 2021

My grandmother always thought that it was a very good source for my mythological learning- Dhairya Tandon

Ludhiana Boy Dhairya Tandon became famous as Baby Birju Maharaj while he entertained the nation in Sony Entertainment Television’s Super Dancer Chapter 3 with his detailed Kathak steps and now, has bagged the role of Bhasmasur in Vighnaharta Ganesh. Here is Dhairya Tandon getting candid with us on his Super Dancer days, his role in Vighnaharta Ganesh and his personal life.

In Super Dancer Chapter 3, you got famous as a dancer and now getting back with Sony Entertainment Television, how do you feel?

SET is like my birthplace, the place where it all started for me. The day I was eliminated from Super Dancer Chapter 3, I felt disheartened like all has ended for me but now, I see that it has not. I was extremely elated when I got the offer for Vighnaharta Ganesh. I look forward to the experience and the learning.

You have been extremely popular with your dance moves and catchy expressions, now how are you preparing for your acting venture?

Even in Super Dancer I never preferred just a simple dance, my Guru Kumar Bhaiya always made me do theme-based dance which were more of Dance-Dramas rather than only dance. I always had that entertainment ka keeda in me, and always have been a dramebaaz kid, so acting is not something completely new for me. I enjoy acting and I think I have been practicing it since my natal, through Vighnaharta Ganesh, I just got a chance to practice it professionally and show it to a much wider audience. Apart from acting, I have also prepared a special kathak-tandav dance sequence which would be seen on the show.

Tell us something about your character in the show?

I would be seen playing the child role of Bhandasur who was created by Ganesha from the vestiges of Kamadev. The boy has negative inclinations being an Asur and whatever Ganesha tries to teach him, he takes it in the negative thought. He always learns the wrong and later when Ganesha tells him to worship Shiva, he prays to him and asks for his wish to conquer the universe and thus having been granted the wish, becomes extremely powerful. The episodes will focus on my journey of rising from the ashes and aspirations of becoming the Lord of the world.

You would be working with senior actors like Malkhan Singh, Akanksha Puri and others, how do you look up to it?

Of course, it is a great learning opportunity. Akanksha, Malkhan are very senior actors as compared to me and have been in this industry for long. As mentioned before, I look up to all the learning and experience I would get by doing this show.

What was your family’s reaction when they came to know that you had been offered a role in the show?

My mother was the one who came to know about it first as she was the one who got a call from the casting team. She being overwhelmed informed the other family members and all were equally excited. My family is an honest follower of the show Vighnaharta Ganesh and they do not miss any episode. Even I watched the show daily as my grandmother always thought that it was a very good source for my mythological learning.

What did you find challenging in your role?

The part that was most difficult for me was learning the dialogues as the language of the show is Sanskrit mixed with Hindi and I found it extremely difficult to memorize them. I had to give many retakes for the same, just because I could not memorize the dialogues and fumbled with some grim words.

Watch Dhairya Tandon in Sony Entertainment Television’s Vighnaharta Ganesh Monday to Friday, 7 pm.

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