September 28, 2020
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Nisha JamVwal hosts unveiling of Darshanaa Aswani’s Ornella

The High Priestess of Luxury Nisha JamVwal launches Ingenue Darshanaa Aswani’s stunning Ornella collection from Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers

The High Priestess of Luxury Nisha JamVwal and Raveena Aswani celebrated the unveiling of Ingenue Darshanaa Aswani’s edgy jewelry line ‘Ornella’ at a grand *Champagne high tea where Bombay’s glitterati was enthralled by her range of corporate as well as edgy party jewelry.

Enjoying chef Ashish’s tea scones, tarts, low-calorie hors d’oeuvres and champagne were Nisha JamVwal looking stunning in Poonam Trivedi’s ostrich feather dress, Darshanaa Aswani, Raveena Aswani, Suzanne Bernert, Renu Bhandarkar, Vidya Malavade, Anusha Iyer, Adaa Anu Malik, Anmol Anu Malik, Anju Anu Malik, Roshni Damania, Parvez Damania, Rebecca Dewan, Coleen Khan, Sampada Vaze, Sangeeta Harindra Singh, Shashi Bansal, Dr Avnita Bir principal Poddar School, Author Neelam Kumar, Chef Rakhee Vaswani, Chef Amninder Sandhu, Abha Singh, Lavinia Chetan Hansraj, Sonali Rathore, Sharon Prabhakar, Actor Urvashi Dholakia, Marvie Beck, Achla Sachdev, Actor Manasi Verma, Designer Amy Billimoria, Designer Shireen Shah, Designer Babita Malkani, Author Leena Ramesh Prabhoo, Dr Amit Karkhanis, Actor Sonika Chopra, Socialite Malti Jain, Designer Poonam Trivedi among others.

JamVwal known for her penchant for motivating and inspiring Women Achievers and promoting brilliant talent said, “I’m excited to present gifted designer Darshanaa Aswani who has branched off at her own personal store showcasing an understated chic range of jewelry which I wanted to showcase to Bombay’s discerning audience and I was keen to be the catalyst to her growth along with her inspiring entrepreneur mother Raveena Aswani. I believe it is our ambitious industrious youth which is taking India to greater heights. It is also my belief that we are ready to take good brands to international arenas rather than covet international brands in India- we are in a place in India where we can enjoy our own wear with pride”

Darshanaa Aswani Of Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers added, “with Ornella, I seek to create a line for new-India where we may not wish to wear heavy bridal jewelry at all times, but statement pieces for parties, as well as everyday pieces that go from morning to evening seamlessly and can be sported for corporate wear, glamorous do’s and cocktail evenings alike. I am keen to take my online presence to an international brand to be reckoned with, and I realise that the new age market is online. Ornella is making a big mark with e com.”

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