January 21, 2021

Not So Old Fashioned: Enjoy a Tipple With Your Old Man This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is that one Sunday you usually celebrate with your old man cooking together and enjoying nice family meals along with chatter and drinks. While this year, as with several other occasions, COVID-19 has been a dampener but do not let it lower your spirits on Father’s Day.

Make the most of staying at home with your dad and plan a few surprises for him including sharing his favourite spirit – a beautiful aged single malt or an exquisitely blended bourbon whisky. Trust us, he would love to get pampered with his favourite drink, food and music! After all, it doesn’t take a thousand extraordinary gifts to tell our fathers how much they mean to us, and how grateful we are for his unconditional love.

Ringing in the spirit of Father’s Day, we bring to you different ways to enjoy one of the most well-known aged single malts in the world, the Bowmore Aged 12 Years Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, which is actually the oldest malt from Islay. And if your old man would like to go for something extremely smooth, then it has to be the world’s most popular and smoothest American Bourbon whisky – Jim Beam. Below are some ways you can enjoy these drinks the best with your dad this Sunday, or any other day! After all, enjoying a small moment of shared joy with one’s father is the biggest celebration of all.


  • Ingredients Required:
    • Bowmore 12-Year-Old 30ml
    • A dash of water
  • Glass: Old Fashioned
  • Method: Pour Bowmore 12 Year Old into an old fashioned and add a dash of water. Stir lightly and sip.
  • Why this is a perfect celebratory drink: Bowmore, Islay’s oldest distillery, is home to the world’s oldest whisky maturation warehouse, The No. 1 Vaults. Crafted to perfection in this legendary warehouse for over 240 years, the Bowmore’s 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a delicate blend of citrus notes and mellow honey, teasing the brand’s trademark peat smoke notes all the way. The blend is so exquisite that the taste needs no mixers.


  • Ingredients Required:
    • Bowmore 12-Year-Old 30ml
    • 2 cubes of ice
  • Glass: Old Fashioned
  • Method: Pour Bowmore 12 Year Old into an old fashioned with two cubes of ice and sip.


  • Ingredients Required:
    • Jim Beam 50ml
    • Raspberry Puree 2 bar spoons
    • Cinnamon Syrup 10ml
    • Sugar Syrup 10ml
    • Lime Juice 25ml
    • Egg White ½
    • Mint Leaf for Garnish
  • Glass: Coupe or Cocktail
  • Method: Shake and strain
  • Garnish: Mint Leaf. And fresh raspberries on cocktail Skewer if available.


  • Ingredients Required:
    • Jim Beam 50ml
    • Red Wine to Float 20ml
    • Orange Juice 30ml
    • Sugar Syrup 20ml
    • Lemon Juice 20ml
    • Ice
  • Glass: Rocks Glass
  • Method: Shake and Strain. For a little more depth, float red wine on the drink at the end.

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