January 27, 2021

OPPLE India launches Flicker-Free LED Downlight

  • Downlights available in 6 different variants
  • Offer up to 60% of energy savings
  • Easy installation and reduces stress while working/living underneath

OPPLE Lighting, one of the world’s leading LED lighting brands, today launched LED Junction Box Downlight Ecomax under its flicker-free lighting solutions. It is a ceiling fixture type LED light, suitable for homes, stores, schools, hospitals, and conference rooms. The LED is specifically designed to soothe the eyes and avoid any type of flickering functioning life.

The LED Junction Box Downlight Ecomax is another addition from OPPLE India to its wide range of ceiling fixtures that conserve electricity. The light is designed to save 60% energy while delivering the same lumens as its comparative CFL downlight. OPPLE claims that the flicker-free operation of the LED Junction Box Downlight Ecomax reduces stress while working or living underneath its light.

On its nation-wide launch, Mr. Rambo Zhang, Country Head Opple Lighting said, “OPPLE India works to create products that add value to the customers and industry while causing no harm to the environment. The LED Junction Box Downlight Ecomax is another feather in the hat for our portfolio of downlight offerings. These LED lights are easy to install, energy saving and completely flicker free. Users can cut down on their commercial and private high electricity bills using the OPPLE energy conserving LED technology.”

The LED Junction Box Downlight Ecomax is available at OPPLE Partner stores across India in 6 different variants. These LED light variants differ in their wattage and lumen capacities.
The energy saving LED lights by OPPLE India are believed to help users in protecting the environment, cutting down the electricity bills and safeguarding eyes. The users may choose the lights as per their requirement from a wattage of 5-7 W and lumens ranging from 300 to 450 lms.

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