July 28, 2021

Payal Ghosh hits back at people mocking at the south indian film industry.

Payal Ghosh is standing upto people who are trying to mock the south indian industry and it’s important to hear her out as she is a huge star down south.Over recent times and also the past few years there has been a huge uproar on the south vs bollywood film industry.

We spoke to her and here is what she has got to say, ” The south film industry has a fixed time for work unlike much of the shoots here. It is hardly ever extended beyond 8 hours a day. In bollywood we rarely have that. The south film industry does a lot of pre production and that is rare here. They respect everyone’s time unlike much of it here.

Taapsee once pointed out that she was asked to show her naval and she couldn’t understand the south indian director K Raghavendra Rao obsession with the naval. I mean, seriously. What are the actress made to do in bollywood onscreen. Let’s not even get off screen. It’s extremely petty to even talk about the naval thing. It’s extremely common and it’s visible even generally if you wear a saree, lehenga choli etc. Swara Bhasker comes out and mocks the south indian industry.

She hasn’t even worked enough down south to understand it enough. The problem is convenience. When the matters are hot, let me put my story and make some news. There you go.Unlike bollywood, the south film industry doesn’t have a color obsession. They don’t have a template of skin color for both their actress and actors. And look it out here. We even have advertisments promoting fairness.

“Gore nai ho toh zindagi mein kuch nahi ho”, seems to be the motto in bollywood. Lastly, the nepotism and the heavenly Sushant Singh Rajput matter. Kangana Ranaut came out and spoke for all of us outsiders. It’s not that there are no star kids down south. But people are not regressive unlike here to stop your releases, take work away, mock you time and again if you aren’t a star kid. She truly has been voice of the conscious for bollywood.

It’s an industry which belongs to the country and not a few film families which the movie mafia thought so. There may be bias but it definitely is minimal down sout there. Here in bollywood it’s unlike so. It’s sad that we had to see the death of one of the most poignant stars to understand how the movie mafia works. “

The south indian movie industry truly deserves much more respect and come on they are the bravest filmmakers. They have brave projects such as Baahubali and robot . We at bollywood don’t have such movies in the decades. Payal has worked in both industry and it’s important that her views are taken into account. She is an outsider and she has worked across industries.

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