August 11, 2020


Adolscence timid years
Bundle of houseworks glued
Yonker Science pupil
Zoology botany ,calculus stew
Exhaustive,metaculious combi
Bookworm girlhood
Yearned for self possesion of ease

Executive days
Wanna step my foot everywhere
Presence in wee hours
Onus of others scare
looped in FIFO

Tied knot with Urban groom
Bed of roses
Glittery pave
Culinary stamped

Mid age crisis
Shakling bones
Froozen shoulder
Hot flushes
Last in bed
Switch off Tiny bulb
No mess left
Man of house enquires
Awake in first rays of Sun!!

Shipra Dhingra

Iam Shipra Dhingra a IT professional from a decade served in many mnc companies in various roles .Iam also blessed with two kids a Son and daughter to complement life with various colours .we often write /sing in our memories .During lockdown i noted my poems and started ahead .Looking forward in this journey.

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