RadhaKrishn’s Sumedh idolizes Madhuri Dixit

Star Bharat’s magnum opus RadhaKrishn has been garnering a lot of praise by its viewers. Young actor Sumedh Mudgalkar (who plays Krishn) especially has been lauded for his portrayal of Lord Krishna on screen. Audiences must have seen him with his dancing proficiency on display, it ended up earning the actor quite a fan following.

On asking Sumedh he says, “I am trying to be an equally talented actor and dancer at the same time, much like Madhuri Dixit did when she ruled the box office and the hearts of the whole country. Madhuri is the biggest example of an Actor-Dancer in Bollywood’s history. I love dancing as much as I love acting and I use every opportunity I get to hone and showcase my talent in either fields. I partake in reality shows to dance and I do my acting on my television show. I really hope audiences like my work.”

Sumedh is an avid follower of the Dhak Dhak girl and wants to grow into a perfectionist just like her. He also applauded how Madhuri took a long sabbatical after marriage, came back years later and seamlessly returned to the limelight, starting just where she left off.

It is clear that Sumedh idolizes his once on-screen elder sister (from the movie Bucketlist) so much. We can only expect him to grow from strength to strength from hereon.

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