May 31, 2020

Rishina Kandhari: Trolls crack me up!

Actors and other celebrities often find themselves as the subject of severe trolling on social media. Just recently actor Alia Bhatt was trolled overlooking into her phone during later actor Rishi Kapoor’s funeral. However, the truth was that she was talking to his daughter Ridhima Tiwari, who couldn’t make it for the funeral.

Actor Rishina Kandhari, who was also recently trolled for promoting domestic violence on social media through her video, says that she has never taking trolls seriously. “I don’t take any troll seriously. In fact, they crack me up. It is so strange that people have all the time in the world to put their opinion on everything that comes in their sight, be it good, bad or ugly. They are the people who get sadistic pleasure by belittling others,” she says.

She adds, “I did get trolled for #hitmechallange. It was just meant for fun where all the individuals involved in the video are at their respective houses yet there is a connection on the edit when one person is reacting to the action done by another person. None of the actors in the video are under the same roof or reacting to the person in the same house or to a family member. We are not promoting domestic violence we were just practicing our reflex and I think we pulled it off well. The video is a hit”

Meanwhile, the actor believes in winning the hearts of her fans through her work. “I think I am a versatile person be it looks or talent, I can carry glamorous western outfits as good as the Indians. Doing decent roles on screen till now has been my choice and if I get a chance to be bold on-screen and if I like the role, I’ll definitely do in a classy way. I don’t shy away from anything as at the end of the day I am an actor and I love challenges. I am looking forward to doing some good content with big production houses too,” she says.

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