May 16, 2021

Rubina Dilaik the boss lady …

In the last week episode Rubina Dilaik showed pink finger to Arshi. She was questioned in weekend ka war on her actions. she is strongly criticized for same. People in house are furious about why Arshi khan was not interpreted for her derogatory behavior. Rubina fans are considering her a lady with poise and attitude.

She was silent most of times but when frequently provoked by Arshi. she showed pink figure. Do we really think she should apologize to Arshi khan? Do share your comments and feedback.

From day 1 Arshi khan was passing remarks to Abhinav. The day she entered big boss14 house, she made target Rubina .she even teased Abhinav whats different in her. Seeing all this probably Rubina was tolerating Arshi from long time. Arshi does not let even others speak. she is dominant person who believes in leading by loudness and also known as flipper.

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