January 27, 2021

Safety, precaution, and hygiene are our utmost priority: Jhanvi Sethi

Psychologist and founder of My Zindagi Foundation, Jhanvi Sethi, feels that because of the coronavirus pandemic people have become conscious of the choices they are making from a hygiene point of view. She calls it a “great blessing”, and added, “Safety, precaution, and hygiene are our utmost priority.”

Jhanvi lives with her actor-husband, Vikas Sethi, in Mumbai and admitted that they only step out to get essentials. She added, “We are extremely careful when we step out of the house. We always carry a sanitizer and ensure we sanitize. Also, we maintain social-distancing.” She, however, feels that most of the people have not been following social-distancing and said, “We still need to learn our lesson on social-distancing especially in times like these with cases still going up. Be careful and maintain that distance – it will save you and save others from you too.”

Jhanvi further asserted that the scare of the coronavirus pandemic has definitely reduced and added, “We have to live with this as the new normal. I think it’s perfectly fine for people to want to get out because they have been inside their homes for so long. But we need to maintain social-distancing that’s all.”

And how is she maintaining her peace of mind – Jhanvi shared, “I chant daily and also listen to music to stay calm. As the founder of My Zindagi Foundation which is a NGO for mental well-being, I cannot overemphasize the need for balance at such a time. It is absolutely important to address issues like depression, anxiety in these difficult times.”

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