July 28, 2021

Saurabh Pandey talks about how he got into vlogging

Actor Saurabh Pandey has successfully got into vlogging along with his wife Zara. The actor says that since they travel so much, they decided to make videos and share with their fans. “The video vlogging idea appeared as we travel so much and we click so many videos and photographs. So, we just thought that why not do video vlogging. Majorly, I do the cinematography and editing work and my wife Zara is in front of the camera, sometimes I do special appearances too,” he says.

He adds, “I believe actor, director, producer…all are creative people. While they are not working somewhere else, they should always have something to let their creative energy unleash. That’s why I choose to vlog.”

The actor is very fascinated by vlogging as he has always loved making videos, “It’s actually a passion which I have been following since the era of mobile phones and the hand cameras came. I always use to record talk and keep it for memories,” he says.

In fact, he used to edit his videos on his own as well. “I used to do this on basic editing software. But later on, I did full-fledged editing when we opened a production house where we produced music videos. I just happened to learn it by watching tutorials and by talking to friends. It’s just fun,” he says.

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