January 21, 2021


by Babul Supriyo
Chanced upon the heartfelt note from Kriti Sanon that one can feel is not pseudo or superficial (unlike many others’) & thereby hangs a tale! A Tale that needs to be discussed with compassion & prudence and not with blocked arteries to the heart or suppressed flow of rationality to the Brain & Mind!

I heard what Sanjay Nirupam said yesterday! He shud act if he has definite facts to suggest some foul play and so should Shekhar Kapurji, given what he wrote after the actors heart wrenching demise ! “Dear Sanjayji, the Govt in Maharastra is your’s & therefore the onus lies on you to do TWO very important things:

  1. Stop people from getting into a witch-hunt against Bollywood Individuals but
  2. At the same time get police to deeply look into anything that points to any firm of ‘Abetment to Suicide’ !
    It’s True & absolutely true that nepotism of the highest order exists in Bollywood & HOW, but it’s also extremely unfair & cruel to drag entire Bollywood into disrepute or make ‘lethal allegations’ on individuals without any concrete evidence. This isn’t reel life after all where conspiracy theories can be further dramatised.

Let’s admit that, if Bollywood was ONLY and all about Nepotism then neither would Sons & Daughters of Huge Stars fail after getting great launches nor would rank outsiders make it huge without supportive Godfathers, Camps or Lobbies with just their Sheer Talent & Grit !! So everything & everyone about Bollywood surely isn’t Bad, Devilish or Selfish – it’s the coexistence of the Good & the Evil like it is in any other field in this Dog-eat-DOG highly competitive world of today where invisible or widely inexplicable Black Holes exist & that’s what needs to be identified & addresses.

There is a long long list of rank outsiders who shine bright in Bollywood. I have seen it so closely as a rank outsider myself, someone who landed in Dadar Station from a Unreserved Gitanjali Express compartment as a 22year old in 1992. Absolutely Unknown Producers & Music Directors gave me work after auditioning me, Banks gave me Housing Loans to buy a place to stay etc etc, while a Singer AbhijeetDa, my senior & an elder brother-like, signed as a guarantor for it ! All of those attributes & virtues exist even today but there has been a BIG Social Change which can drive people crazy & very often it does find a victim- a menace called Social Media that didn’t exist then 20 years back. Neither could a Tom-Dick or Harry Bully you if you failed or underperformed in a venture nor did anyone get the liberty to judge you or make a small clip from any TV or Award show go VIRAL on Social Media
where you may have been made fun of or, fairly or unfairly, treated to public humiliation !!

Not surprisingly, some can take it, some cannot. We are not born with the User Manual as to “How to Deal With Social Media & Cyber Harassment or Bullying” – we all have to write our own RuleBooks to deal with it IF you decide to be a part of all of it & more !! Like late Arun Jaitley ji had once said about Social Media, “Either Deal with it or ignore it” ! After all, you cannot expect to have the liberty to enjoy ONLY the best of both the worlds – one with the Virtual World or the Social Media & the another, the Real Real One without it ! But one may argue that, IF you choose to use the Virtual Platforms to Promote your films & songs with Millions, then you have to deal with it when it presents itself to you as the ‘Internet’s Toilet’ – one that is full of S___ & nonsense!!

There will always be a Beeline of aspiring actors hovering around powerful Media Houses, Producers & Directors because the Ratio between the number of Individuals who can ‘Launch you & give you your Dream Career’ & the number of Dreamers or Aspiring Artists is probably 1:100,000 ! And it doesn’t end there. Then comes the ‘aspect’ that One MrRobert Half had so aptly put. He had said, “Talent is Rare. But the ability to recognise Talent is even more Rare & Scarce” therefore making the struggle of aspiring young minds with big dreams, even more, excruciating & hard !

Most of us are born as Nouns – Noun is the name of Anything. We aspire to make a name for ourselves & become Proper Nouns but deep down inside, most dreamers wish to die as an adjective and they know that only good work can take them there. And hence the desperate ‘Search’ for that dream job. Many search & find ‘the paths to glory’ but millions more search & end up not even finding themselves something to hold on to when darkness & failures descend when dreams seemS more distant or opportunities seems to have slipped/ snatched away for perpetuity!

Remember, the last post of an aspiring actress to chose death because she felt she can’t live with dreams that have died ! (Don’t wish to name her here though, wil let her rest in peace)

Hence, while all this ‘Noise’ go on till we find a closure or answer as to WHY Sushant chose what he chose for himself, let’s look around & be more conscious & attentive towards people around us who may be displaying obvious signs for us to suspect something ‘NOT SO NORMAL’ about them & lend a helping hand! You may not know him or her personally hence you may not be able reach to reach out to them yourself but am sure if you try with the sincere will to address this taboo that exist in our society, that about underplaying Mental issues & illnesses, you will sure find someone, a common friend who can be alerted !

One thing is for sure, we better find a way because we surely do not want more Mukesh Bhatts of the world (otherwise a very good acquaintance of mine) to go & announce & with so much of confidence that, “I saw it coming”!!!

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