January 27, 2021

Shashank Vyas Talks About Cyberbullying, Urges Fans To Spread Positivity And Love

Actor Shashank Vyas recently took to his Instagram to share a note about cyberbullying. He also urged fans to spread positivity and love around the world

Actor Shashank Vyas who would be seen in Prem Soni’s film Laila Manju recently penned down a note where he talked about cyberbullying. He shared the note on his Instagram story titled ‘Stop online attack’. In his note, Shashank Vyas gave the reference about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and asked fans if they ever thought about how happily everyone celebrates these days.

He added that everyone should also start the celebration in a positive way where all an individual needs to do is post a positive comment on social media. Shashank Vyas mentioned that it can be a compliment on a friend’s picture or just a comment on a random profile. He asked, “Imagine what a positive day it will be.”

Furthermore, Shashank Vyas said that year 2020 has already brought so much negativity in everybody’s lives and this way people can play a part to spread positivity and love around them. He ended the note saying, “You never know how a negative comment can affect anyone so why not motivate someone and make a difference in their life.” Shashank Vyas also went on to add a hashtag #cyberbullying and a ‘Stop’ sticker.

Shashank Vyas shared another story where he asked his fans to make this a permanent habit to spread positivity and love all around.
Shashank is one of the most positive actors with a huge fan following in people of all age groups. He -coincidently is the most eligible bachelor too and his fans love him unconditionally.

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