January 23, 2021

Shehnaz Birthday Month ..Best Entertainer of big boss 13

This month is Shehnaz birthday month .In big boss 14 nobody has beaten the charisma on screen which shehnaz kaur gill carried in bb13. She was dam cute. Though flipper but she was famous for being the best task master and playing by heart.

big boss

Her chemistry with Siddharth Shukla gave a glimpse to audience how you feel in being relationship. Recently in one of episodes she interacted with bb14 housemates.

She identifies her few traits in Arshi. Arshi language is a big barrier which puts her back being audience favorite. Shenaz kaur gill admitted after exit from big boss house she has transformed to a more mature and stable person.

She was looking stunning in her new attire with straight hair. People still love her old pictures where she looked like a girl next door who has her own reasons and without fear of being judged she played her game .

What do you say Is there any one close to Shehnaz in bb14 as entertainer ?

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