Staying Happy does not mean there is not problem in Life

‘Staying Happy does not mean there is not problem in Life, Being Happy means you have learnt how to face challenges and overcome them…’Mr. Sachin Mehta Motivational Speaker explained the How to Achieve Purpose of Live.

  • Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Poet Mr. Sachin Mehta has been helping Youth to get right direction in Life. 32 years old Motivational Speaker Mr. Sachin Mehta has more than Ten  Thousands of Followers on his Facebook
  • In the recent videos Released on YouTube, Mr. Sachin Mehta talked about the to Achieve Purpose of Life 5 Steps needs to follow, which are very Simple and can be easily followed by anyone.

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  • Motivational Speaker Mr. Sachin Mehta the said, Step 1 is  to Visualize the outcome and assume yourself in the situation and to reach on goal.
  • Mr. Sachin Mehta said, Step 2 is to Put yourself in light pressure, means tell your Goals to your well wisher, so that they help you get it reminded.
  • Mr. Sachin Mehta then explained, Step 3 is create a Timeline and schedule your task for next day in advance.
  • Step 4 : To make any habit it takes 21 days to repeat and regularly do same thing.
  • Step 5 :Motivational Speaker Mr. Sachin Mehta then discussed about Enjoy yourself, make such goal which keep you entertaining rather than putting pressure on you.

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