Striking resemblance!

One is a  great actor in films and the other a versatile actor on television. We are talking about a striking resemblance between Shashank Vyas and Ranbir Kapoor. Recently one picture of Shashank which was posted on Instagram was in news. His fans and followers started comparing him with Ranbir Kapoor. The picture truly has a striking resemblance to Kapoor. When asked Shashank says,” It’s a feel-good thing and a sweet gesture from my fans.

RK is my favorite, I admire his performances. I have not met him but would love to. He is one of the finest performers in today’s generation. My favorite film of his is Rockstar. He is incredible in the film. His profile is unparalleled. He is from a family of actors but has proved his worth as an actor with each new film. The way he conducts himself is exemplary.  He is a real example of an actor who understands his craft quite well in an over crowed film industry.” It will be great to see Ranbir and Shashank working together in the future.

 Shashank who was last seen in Roop is currently hunting for a suitable project which can match his talent. Wishing him all the best.

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