May 21, 2019
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Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s historical mega series Porus which seamlessly translated to its extension, now Chandragupta Maurya has struck a chord with the audience with the Chandragupta’s solidarity with the greatest teacher, philosopher & royal advisor Chanakya. The show revolves around the life journey of the founder of the Maurya empire, orphaned & abandoned Chandragupta Maurya.

While the camaraderie that they share is a delight to watch with Chandragupta training under Chanakya which is considered to be of prime importance in our history. It is this training that will help Chandragupta become the future kind of United India & help him tactfully deal with Dhananand.

So far Chandragupta under the guidance of Chanakya successfully robs off Dhananand’s treasure after tactfully completing a clue hunt. As the story moves forward, Chandragupta learns about Moora being captured by Dhananand as a suspect of helping in the robbery &finds out about a possible threat to her life as Dhananand is about to kill her.

In an interesting twist, Chandragupta will try to stop him from killing her & promise to bring Chanakya to Dhananand.

A source adds, ‘This week Chandragupta will betray Chanakya at first & then plan to rescue him. He’ll again strike against Dhananand by falsely making him believe that the latter’s brother was involved in the robbery & an accomplice to Chanakya eventually getting him killed. This episode will mark their next divide & win against Dhananand’s council.’
Watch the promo below :-