May 23, 2019
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As the word examination comes to our mind, the first and foremost meaning is:- formal test of an individual’s knowledge or certifying an individual’s studies. The examination is not only restricted to one’s knowledge but we face it in every Walk of life.It is like a key to unlock while moving further to the next level. Examination can be verbal or written.

The response level of an individual and exam can be informally administered. It is very important for all of us however, the design and the way they are conducted have created a sense of fear in the young minds and we need to change this perception.The teachers ,parents ,students and counselor  have to play a vital role in changing this perception but how to start off with.

Every part has its own role to play but before going on the solution for changing this perception,we have to understand the need of examination, whether it is required or not.

Let us first discuss on the requirement of examination. It has been prevalent in mythology too ,when Lord Ram had to pass an examination to marry Sita. There are many instance where we see the different forms of examination in olden days. In gurukuls, the examinations were held to test the skills taught to the students. It was more of a practice test but over the period of time various developments have taken place and the format and system of examination has changed but in the present day the examination have a strong impact on the minds of the students,but it does not have anything to do with the requirement of examination.There are different versions of this, some say that examination should be held where as some say that there is no requirement of examination. Examination is like a tool by which we can test the ability,knowledge and skills of students. It evaluates students calibre and help them to overcome their weakness.

We can also measure examination as the medium to develop one’s personality and confidence. It help one’s capabilities to improve memory-power, creativity, skills, potential,concentration etc.Hence it is necessary to take exams.    


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Nidhi Gyaneshwar