June 18, 2021
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It’s hard to believe, one of popular choices Jasmine basin eviction. One of the cutest contestants and good player, Jasmine got evicted last week. Aly gony was devasted with Jasmine eviction. He cried loudly and seeing his tears almost everybody in house cried. He got asthma attack and breathed with help of puff.

There was only one happy moment in eviction. Aly said in front of audience he loves jasmine. Till now he was showing affection but fans were not clear about his stand.

It was very emotional moment as Jasmine was consoling Aly. Like a grown-up child, Jasmine was yelling at housemates not to take advantage of Aly temper. she left house wishing him victory.


Big boss 14 is running more than 90 days. Few old time challengers made entry almost in finale week. The makers decided to extended it further and Rakhi, Arshi Khan, Vikas gupta, Rahul Mahajan, Kahmera Shah, Manu Punjabi made entry .

Now why Big Boss seems to be scripted.

  1. Contestants often fight for making food and household duties whereas in reality no celebrity feeds parathas, chawal as they are in show business. so, fitness is key. Surprisingly even after 90 days never seen any contestant reduced or increased weight.
  2. Rakhi :: She was crying continuously claiming Julie soul has entered her. she reacted as if she is Julie who was dead many years ago in house which is currently big boss house. All house mates were little scared and seek medical attention for Rakhi. Then next week there was task collecting gold coins related to Julie played by Rakhi and Rahul Mahajan her ex-husband. So, what was real Rakhi tantrums of par anomic activity or ….
  3. Abhinav and Rubina shared secret for gaining immunity both are on verge of divorce.

There was no single moment when Rubina and Abhinav were not together holding hands, locking eyes. In fact Abhinav protects lot of time Rubina from Arshi khan remarks. So difficult to make out what is real …


Kapil Sharma, Popular comic and TV show is heading to Netflix for his digital debut.

Although it is unknown if the project is a comedy special, a series or a film, it will premiere in 190 countries in 2021 on the streamer.

The comedian took to social media to share the big news with a video update and accompanied it. 

“I always wanted to be on Netflix but I didn’t have their number,” he quipped.

Sharma said the project is close to his heart, adding “I cannot wait to share more details with my fans soon.”


After being a part of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai for five years! Saumya Tandon bids farewell to her Anita Bhabhi role. Back in August 2020, the actor left the hit comedy program. There have been some stories making the rounds about Saumya’s replacement on the show since then.

Finally, the wait is over to see Anita Bhabhi return to Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, the popular show. After months of rumors, one star, Nehha Pendse, who will be Anita Bhabhi’s new face, has finally been zeroed on by the producers. She’ll be slipping into Saumya Tandon’s heels.


This month is Shehnaz birthday month .In big boss 14 nobody has beaten the charisma on screen which shehnaz kaur gill carried in bb13. She was dam cute. Though flipper but she was famous for being the best task master and playing by heart.

big boss

Her chemistry with Siddharth Shukla gave a glimpse to audience how you feel in being relationship. Recently in one of episodes she interacted with bb14 housemates.

She identifies her few traits in Arshi. Arshi language is a big barrier which puts her back being audience favorite. Shenaz kaur gill admitted after exit from big boss house she has transformed to a more mature and stable person.

She was looking stunning in her new attire with straight hair. People still love her old pictures where she looked like a girl next door who has her own reasons and without fear of being judged she played her game .

What do you say Is there any one close to Shehnaz in bb14 as entertainer ?


In the last week episode Rubina Dilaik showed pink finger to Arshi. She was questioned in weekend ka war on her actions. she is strongly criticized for same. People in house are furious about why Arshi khan was not interpreted for her derogatory behavior. Rubina fans are considering her a lady with poise and attitude.

She was silent most of times but when frequently provoked by Arshi. she showed pink figure. Do we really think she should apologize to Arshi khan? Do share your comments and feedback.

From day 1 Arshi khan was passing remarks to Abhinav. The day she entered big boss14 house, she made target Rubina .she even teased Abhinav whats different in her. Seeing all this probably Rubina was tolerating Arshi from long time. Arshi does not let even others speak. she is dominant person who believes in leading by loudness and also known as flipper.


The launch of television’s popular game reality show Bigg Boss 14 is just a few days away. The show is going to have its grand premiere on 3 October with Salman Khan introducing all the contestants. Meanwhile, some important information related to the show is constantly coming out. It is being told that this time the families will have to follow social distancing, so physical tasks will not be there in the initial weeks.

According to a news page giving concrete information related to the show, like last year, this time there will not be a bed attached to the show. It will be compulsory to follow the guidelines related to corona in the house, so the family members will always have to keep distance from each other. Apart from this, physical tasks for luxury budget, elimination and immunity every week will not be in the initial weeks of the show.

There will be a corona test of contestants every week. All the celebs and commoners participating in the show are to be quarantined from September 20. Kovid is all set to have 19 Tests before sending it home. Apart from this, the medical team of Bigg Boss 14 will test all the families every week.

Let’s say that this year the show is being built on the lockdown theme. A red and green zone is also formed on the set. Also this time a mini theater, mall, restaurant and spa will also be present at Bigg Boss house. All these facilities will be available to the families who win the luxury budget.


Actress Rupal Patel, aka Meenakshi Rajvansh oof Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke, is on cloud nine these days. Music producer Yashraj Mukhate has turned a scene from ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ into a viral song and added a musical spin to it, converting Kokilaben’s dialogues into a peppy rap song. In the scene, Kokilaben is seen scolding her daughters-in-law Gopi Bahu and Rashi for putting a “khaali” or empty cooker on the gas.

Interestingly the social media is going ga ga on this rendition and have loved it. Rupal who is not on social media got to know when someone actually forwarded her the video. Rupal says,”I was pleasantly surprised and also shocked I could never imagine that my dialogues can turn into a rap song. Since yesterday I have been getting so many warm and appreciative messages.

Fans, friends and family members have been calling and congratulating me. Even Smriti Irani shared the music video on her social media. What else can I say? I am humbled and honoured. Grateful to almighty and also Star Plus for giving me this opportunity.”

Rupal also managed to find out Yashraj’s contact and spoke to him. She adds,”I spoke to Yashraj and thanked him. He has utilised his creativity nicely and that made this song viral. No doubt Kokila Modi is an iconic character but now this rap song will make her more memorable in people’s hearts.” Rupal is also excited to resume her work in Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke as Meenakshi Rajvansh. She says,”I am happy to be back on the set of YRHP, I have missed the show a lot. But always confident that one day we will be back and continue to entertain our viewers again. It is fantastic to work with Rajan Shahi and Director’s Kut”


Gavie Chahal who acted in many serials, Punjabi films and also in Hindi films including “Ek Tha Tiger” and “Tiger Zinda Hai” was offered reality show Bigg Boss 14 and negotiations were on.

Before every thing is got inked Gavie has to make an exit from the show as he has to undergo eye operation and doctors have advised him complete bed rest of three weeks.

Now, Gavie is recuperating and he hopes that he may get the chance to enter into the house of Bigg Boss thru wild card entry.
Hope he recovers soon and can be seen in the show with housemates.


यह कहा जाता है की एक घर एक जगह नहीं है, यह एक भावना है | इस भावना को समझते हुए, बिग एफएम ने श्रोताओं को अपने शो “बात घर की” के माध्यम से अपने सपनों का घर बनाने पर विचार करने के लिए महत्वपूर्ण पहलुओं के बारे में शिक्षित किया है | ८ प्रसारण, जो अल्ट्राटेक सीमेंट के सहयोग से हैं और लोकप्रिय अभिनेता रवि किशन मेज़बान के रूप में नज़र आते हैं | दर्शकों को अपने सपनों के घर को एक वास्तविकता में बदलने में मदद करते हुए, यह शो घर बनाते समय उन महत्त्वपूर्ण बातों पर ध्यान केंद्रित करता है जो एक व्यक्ति को ध्यान में रखनी चाहिए | दर्शकों और इंजीनियर बाबू के बीच सूत्रधार की भूमिका निभाते हुए, बहु-आयामी अभिनेता रवि किशन, इंजीनियर बाबू से श्रोताओं द्वारा पूछे गए घर निर्माण से सम्भंदित आवश्यक एवं अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्नो को संबोधित करते हैं |

“बात घर की” का प्रत्येक प्रसारण अंतर्दृष्टि से भरा हुआ है और श्रोताओं को विद्वान इंजीनियर बाबू द्वारा अपने प्रश्नों के संतुष्ट उत्तारणो को प्राप्त करने का अवसर देता है | एक घर का निर्माण किसी के जीवन में सबसे महत्त्वपूर्ण निर्णयों में से एक है, क्योंकि यह एक लम्बे समय के लिए किया जाने वाला निवेश है, इसीलिए उसके बारे में विशेष विवरण जानना महत्त्वपूर्ण है| जहाँ एक तरफ रवि किशन शो में जबरदस्त ऊर्जा और स्थानीय रास प्रदर्शित करते हैं, वहीँ दूसरी तरफ इंजीनियर बाबू इमारत के अहम पहलुओं जैसे स्टील और सीमेंट का चुनाव, घर का भूमंकन और अनुमानित निवेश पर ज़ोर देते हैं, कुल मिलकर यह एक दिलचस्प और आकर्षक संवादात्मक कार्यक्रम बनता है जो श्रोताओं के लिए विशेष तौर पर जानकारी-पूर्ण है |

शो के बारे में बात करते हुए सूत्रधार और महान हस्ती हमारे मेज़बान रवि किशन ने कहा, “मैं इस शो का हिस्सा बन कर बहुत खुश हूँ जो की बिग एफएम और अल्ट्राटेक सीमेंट ने किया है | घर एक सपना है और लगभग हर व्यक्ति के जीवन के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है | ये हम में से कई के लिए जीवन -समय के निवेश में एक प्रमुख विषय है | मेरा मानना है कि हमें निर्णय के साथ आगे बढ़ने से पहले प्रत्येक और हर पहलू के बारे में अच्छे से श्रोताओं को सूचित करना होगा |मैं इंजीनियर बाबू के मार्गदर्शन के साथ श्रोताओं के प्रश्नों को संबोधित करते हुए, श्रोताओं का मनोरंजन करने और उन्हें शिक्षित करने की आशा करता हूँ |”

अल्ट्राटेक ने दो साल से अधिक समय पहले अपने सोशल मीडिया मंचों पर “बात घर की ” की जानकारी की शुरुआत की थी | निजी घर बनाने की ज़रूरतों और प्रश्नों के बारे में अल्ट्राटेक को प्रचूर जानकारी है और घर से संबंधित निर्माण और निर्माण क्षेत्र में उनकी व्यापक ध्यान तथा उनका अनुभव अद्वितीय है | अल्ट्राटेक ने बिग एफएम के साथ साझेदारी में रेडियो के लिए “बात घर की ” इस अभिनव और शैक्षिक पेशकश को बढ़ाया ताकि लोगों को अपना घर बनाने के आकांशा का एहसास हो सके |