January 23, 2021

Tarot Prediction – Weekly 11th Jan-21 to 17th Jan-21

ARIES  Your emotional fortitude shall be strong, make a conscious decision to move away from over thinking or negative situations. Avoid emotional access and steer away from conflict. Career situation shall improve. Approach kindly to others, remain forgiving in all situations. Relationships need nurturing.

TAURUS This is a hopeful one in terms of relationships, domestic harmony, chance to grow in career realms. You shall find motivation and courage to take a chance try new themes, display your skill to a wider audience. Patience, wisdom and thoughtfulness is needed when you are this charged up.

GEMINI  It shall be a gratifying week should you embrace your witty side, humor & easy going energies. Begin the week with harmonious working relationships, soon you would need some peace and quiet to go deeply into matters or focus in a subject or a painful situation. Think independently and with open mind.

CANCER  Relationships need extra care and nurturing. You are in a hurry to get to a desired place in life, but this also needs careful planning and steady steps. Your emotional intensity can make things worse, if you do not change the pattern. In quest of accomplishing, do not make compromises or push any limit too far.

LEO  Relationships shall be cordial. You shall find support from people. Motivation and optimism is high in the onset. Encouraging time to work on your goals. Take a time away from chaos to think things through and devise a strategy. Area of love shall show hope and improvement. Be Logical and realistic in all steps.

VIRGO  Patience is a virtue, this you have to remind. As the go getter energies push you to take chance, Go Bold, Make Prompt decisions, In the Rush to finish things some missteps could derail your purpose. In Money matters, or in general stick to your traits of looking down to details. Encouraging week for accomplishment

LIBRA  Asserting your place, position, thoughts, values and ideologies is important this week. Also being with the tribe who resonates in the same frequency. It is an encouraging week to work on securing an area of life. Career matters are supportive . You may have to work through differences in relationships.

SCORPIO  Being in crossroads, emotional turmoil can make the week heavier in the beginning. Your free spirited side and art of letting go shall make things easier. You shall soon get hold of things, you will find your place at work or play. Career matters are supportive. Allow yourself to live in the moment.

SAGITTARIUS  Relationships are cordial. Social Group shall be supportive. You shall feel withdrawn in midweek, or perhaps it feels easier to put aside an important situation of life. Financial area needs your single minded focus to make some changes and bolster your efforts. Bring some inventive ideas

CAPRICORN  This is a week with energy, to begin something new. Financial situation may improve. For some new opportunities arise in work or relationships. Getting along with others and finding support is easier. The cosmos supports you with wisdom, maturity, intelligence and motivation to accomplish in many areas.

AQUARIUS  A quiet start of the week soon gives way to enthusiastic start by mid week. It is a good time to work through details, focus and research. While you are working in silence donot ignore that nurturing relationships , forming connections is important for personal and professional success. Take break when you need to.

PISCES  The onset could bring energies when not everyone is in same wavelength. Take a step back and detach yourself from the situation to analyze. Post mid week things shall start turning to your favor. Assert your opinion and take charge. Support from others shall come back. Career matters are supportive.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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