July 28, 2021

Tarot Prediction – Weekly 25th Jan-21 to 31st Jan-21

ARIES  You shall begin the week with mental clarity, action, energy. Need for space in relationships is primary, as you tend to stick to your principles. You begin new somewhere with gusto. It is a busy week with communication, negotiations, increased mental activity. You may need a break or to slow down.

TAURUS You have quickly transformed yourself and elevated your position. You are no longer the person of past. You are in a hurry, need a controlled speed, as you may make mistakes or hurt someone on the way.  Let them know, ideas your feelings and show your intelligence. This is a hopeful, enthusiastic week.

GEMINI  You are possibly overthinking or unable to figure out a way. Mental clarity is important to proceed further, hence seek friendly guidance. Weigh the options, and work with an intention to create harmony with universe. Donot get disappointed or loose yourself in negative visualization.

CANCER  Get rid of overthinking, fussing over what is not working for you. If needed, take a break, smell some flowers, do some activities that give you joy. Think what new can be done to break the cycle or to expect new outcome. Make right contacts, socialize, try new approach, to get desired outcome in love, or career.

LEO  Universe nudges you to accept, accommodate different behaviors , as every human is different. Aim to coexist, and share your feelings, rewards, happiness. Be generous. You are strongly focused on making a mark, professionally or to attain leadership. Let your conscious thoughts lead you, don’t forget to adjust your perspectives too.

VIRGO  You have lot of power, eagerness, intelligence, courage and restlessness too, To accomplish, you are all fired up. Whilst these energies are great for success, but  You are in danger of coming across as too strong, reckless at times. Channelize the Energies through physical activities, exercise, also meditative practices.

LIBRA  A fine balance between diplomacy, tact, compassion, shall only sit well in key relationships, be a heart mate, or work colleagues, higher ups. Tune in to your inner self, as the week advances, you may need quiet time for reflection. Overall it is a constructive period, should you include calm and poise in you.

SCORPIO  This week brings, first, conflict of agenda with a significant person. Your approach is different , but it also has a window to compromise. You want to break the cycle, expand, cross few barriers. This is not the time to say no but to accept to receive what universe is sending to you, go with flow, let it evolve

SAGITTARIUS  With tact and grace you shall handle all situation. Needs & thoughts may clash with significant person. You can feel the burst of energy and need to rush to many directions, obligations. In this rush, consider to pause to look into details, if you have to get things done error-free.

CAPRICORN  You had been strict with spending and financial decisions, perhaps at times overlooking family or personal needs. This week put family and security in a fine balance, prioritize well. You are inventive enough to find easy solutions.  This week have the good open talk, donot leave the emotional side of yours.

AQUARIUS Finding a balance, and to get a clarity specially in matters related to money is priority. Your creative  mojo is high, remind yourself not every decision or issue needs so much over thinking, there are smart ways too. In love or work, career matters, find a common clear goal, find a clear direction to proceed.

PISCES  Pause, balance, when world around is so fast paced, frenzied, confusing . You have all what it needs to be happy within yourself.  Mental flexibility is needed to enjoy the bounty this week has for you.  Express compassion, express emotions. Be yourself, without crossing any lines, or without letting anyone pin you down.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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