May 16, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 10th Nov – 16th Nov 2019 By Indrani

ARIES   Professional endeavors, investment related efforts may show signs of hope and there is much inspiration and clarity. However there is a painful area or experience or it could be fear of unexpected which could weigh down positive mood at times, in case of few natives. Trust that this shall too pass. Focused, outlined work shall be healthy. Emotional responses are best to be avoided.

TAURUS  This week calls for weighing your options , bringing about a balance in routine, professional and personal life, as well the direction to invest energies into. Many realizations and experiences of recent past bring about clarity and confidence. There is much needed inspiration and heightened desire to make a forward movement to reach future goals. It is a positive week for most.

GEMINI For few natives existing relationships may require clarity and new ideas to retain the harmony of the bond. For some there could be end of a bond or may be temporary detachment too. Balance may be required in internal world for few. And so is some quiet time for contemplation. Professional World also may need a clarity or an act of balancing. Choose your words wisely.

CANCER  Much focus is on stability, future securities, and strategies. Weigh your options closely also at times listen to gut feelings. However haste or impatience may lead to mistakes. Be realistic in your expectations from your professional efforts as well as relationships. Social connections and professional contacts has potential to provided much needed impetus.

LEO  Much needed closure or signs of it would be visible this week in many areas where you have put in persistent hard work and efforts into. A new confident and positive self will be needed and leadership qualities to give direction in certain crucial projects. However clarity may be still elusive in new relationships or may be existing relationships too.

VIRGO  It is an encouraging week in relationships, with more harmony. Strengthening of old frail bonds is possible this week. It is a transformative week for almost all the connections that you hold dear and those which slipped out off your reach. There is enough mental clarity and confidence. It is a week to  seriously look into what will make yourself happy professionally or otherwise.

LIBRA  A calmer week for most natives when you feel compassionate towards anyone who you hold dear and specially being supportive to one in particular. In work area there is need of delicate handling with colleagues or higher ups just to avoid any potential tiff. There is satisfactory progress in professional world however for many natives.

SCORPIO It is a favorable week for almost everything that you had put your hard work in. There are possibilities of being lauded well by higher ups or even find a cushy new job or may be some other rewards for many natives. There will be much clarity about your skill set or honing few of them. Relationships can be strengthened by your level playing action and fair reciprocation.

SAGITTARIUS  This week  pushes the natives to consider taking steps towards dismissing those habits, thoughts or values which no longer help anymore and confidence towards endeavors in professional world or anything going on in personal world. The week nudges you that even though there are few things which are not giving expected results, ideal situation seems distant, it shall all soon fall into place.

CAPRICORN   Social Connections will be  blessed this week for most natives. A relationship you hold dear will grow stronger or even have potential to be in difficulty if you  are not  gentle with your words. Professional area and efforts put towards those shall be largely satisfactory. Contacts made now shall be supportive.

AQUARIUS  A positive week for most natives as intuition and wisdom will be your allies. Listen to your hunches and apply logic and experience into all your professional endeavors or even in communication flow.  A need of balance in all areas of your life too gets highlighted or perhaps your aspirations and actions demands to be aligned. Self care must be given due importance and so is releasing negative patterns.

PISCES  A progressive week is in store however it is up to you to give them positive direction and momentum. There could be lot happening in all areas of life and prioritizing those will be important, so is not to get puzzled or confused at times. Communication should not be careless this week In order to accomplish certain tasks or projects in hand. Draw inspiration from like minded people for important endeavors.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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