March 8, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 15th Dec – 21st Dec 2019 By Indrani

ARIES  Social Connections, Networking , Conversations will make your mood upbeat and there is enough food for thought there. Some good ideas also can be hatched in one of those. There is blessings for most in Career and Image, you could be in receiving end of applause or a promotion. A conducive week to push your Professional endeavors forward.

TAURUS There is a playful and adventurous vibe this week and urge to break the monotony, in personal life, approach towards relationships or even hobbies and creative endeavors. There could be little stressful situation in work area where there could be a feeling of dissatisfaction or even some spiteful condition may arise for few. Be easy going this week.

GEMINI  There is forward movement after some stressful days of past or you have chosen to approach Calmer waters in a personal relationship turmoil.  In professional area there is enough motivation to approach Discipline, Rules, structure in the manner you approach things. Your career or money making area may have some good news or you could be in the receiving end of applause.

CANCER Personal relationships and Professional Partnerships, Allies, Collaborative efforts will be highlighted and your approach towards those will determine the success of this week, be it some Work/Professional/ Money making endeavor or your desire for harmony and love. There is lot thought processing going on in your mind and you would strive for clarity.

LEO  Relationships will be in focus and with wisdom you would be able to remove any creases of the past. Professional associates, partnerships also will be under focus where your intuition and maturity would be required  to achieve the results you desire, Cosmos would support you anyways. Health, structure, routine, Discipline is also to be considered this week.

VIRGO Heath, Structure, Daily routine and anything that contributes as a fuel to your disciplined, long term growth potential gain precedence. You are in your element and committed to your Future Goals now. Relationships has potential to grow deeper. Social connections will be supportive. Opportunities will be available in Money making area and Career.

CAPRICORN  If there is some pressure or discomfort in the work area,  clarity will come this week. There is a nudge to make some necessary changes to feel more stable regarding a certain situation in professional area or career. There is support and it can be a transforming week towards self worth, your expression and representation of self.

AQUARIUS  You are in your element this week and there is enough motivation towards everything you do. This week you would feel driven and motivated to work more towards your goals. There could be some pressure or spiteful situation that may arise within home or close relationships, or a sudden upheaval for few. However know that if you remain calm you would soon pass that too.

PISCES  Social connections and partnerships would be highlighted. Perhaps you would require to show your nurturing side. Collaborative work and group tasks will be successful or you would get enough support from your network and connections. This week you would feel adventurous and you would feel inspired to leave your comfort zone to reach out to new people or place or learning new skills. 

LIBRA  Home life, closely held relationships and your private world will now see stability and harmony.  Creative and adventurous vibes are felt in every activity and motivation is in abundance. Social Life, get-together could be there for many. There is enough this week to replenish your batteries after past days of anxiety and pressure.

SCORPIO  Impulsive thoughts and restlessness may be deterrent to your progressive energies or may disrupt with peaceful accomplishments of the tasks in work, career or money making realms. However in the last part of the week emotions may be heightened. In your professional area or home life or even relationships of importance will be harmonious if you veer away from aggressiveness.

SAGITTARIUS  There could be an uneasy situation in home life or within close relationships where speaking honestly and reflect on your original thoughts would be necessary. Professional area and money making ideas will get a nudge to push your agenda forward with a more integral approach and principles. Finances will see signs of improvement as opportunities will be available.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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