January 15, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 24th Nov – 30th Nov 2019 By Indrani

ARIES   Cosmic nudge comes this week to do away with fear of failure or negative thoughts. There is still some hope this week and try looking at the windows of opportunities around you. Financial good news awaits for some. Networking is favored this week. Expose yourself to right people and hold discussions for educating self in professional area.

TAURUS  This week there can changes in store for many natives which may look unfavorable in the beginning but in the end it all will make sense. Strong emotions could be felt this week and also an urgency to shake up those areas where there is need of a change. Relationships and communication in focus this week. A balance is required amidst some chaos.

GEMINI   This week you have the capability to bring desired changes in many important areas which you had been considering most important, give everything you got into realizing the dreams. Relationships goals and changes you desire in that can very well be materialized. Important decisions regarding professional and career area or change of approach is also possible for the  better.

CANCER  A period of positivity for most natives.  There is a sense of hope and positive change in your personal world. Relationships are under scanner now. Professional and Career Area shall be supportive during this week. This week also nudges to consider health regime or self care as important.

LEO  Emotional Balance and Clarity is much required this week. If there has been some differences with someone, your are required to accept the pain in order to move on to future. Also there can positive news for few or new beginnings in relationship area. Emotional control and staying positive is what cosmos urges you to achieve. Professional area now requires you to visit uncharted areas and bring in some changes you desire. Push your agenda.

VIRGO People whom you hold dear may be in the receiving end of your empathy and compassion and vise versa. It is a week to remain truthful to self, self reflection would help you stay grounded. There could be an urgency to break the rhythm or tendency to be more creative at times specially within relationships. Work / Professional / Career area shall be more or less satisfactory for most natives.

LIBRA   Being steady and yet make forward movement is what is required today. The week nudges you to stay grounded in all important matters and work with wisdom. Much of your attention would be towards domestic matters or personal world but there is a need of giving equal energies to the changes in Professional world. Realizations of past needs manifestation now.

SCORPIO  This week encourages to take calculated actions towards wherever you think you need a closure. Knead your words with care as there could be mistakes if you are in haste. This week will favor professional area and new endeavors as well. There is serious changes or action around money. Planning with Long run in consideration would be ideal.

SAGITTARIUS  This week nudges you to think the big picture about your life.  Reflecting on self and higher goals will set the tone for future. Financial area is blessed for most this week. Professional endeavors or Career will be benefited with creative thinking and action. Networking and expansion will be required. Relationships will be satisfactory for most 

CAPRICORN  A nostalgic week or may be emotional for some natives as  past memories revisit or fear of past failure resurfacing. This week urges you to face your fear once for all and spontaneously approach a fresh new beginning and unload any baggage that you still carry. Social networking and Professional or Career areas will be satisfactory for most natives.

AQUARIUS  This week highlights the importance of decision making, perseverance and improvement in terms of Career or Profession. Also the week nudges you to expose yourself to potential doors of benefit  or success in your professional/career endeavors. This is as real as it gets as you have to finally accept what you lack and wrong perceptions and do away those for good. Welcome Criticism as those would be your cornerstone.

PISCES  This week decide your priorities, as your energies had been scattered in multiple directions or multitasking has sidelined few important areas. Consolidation of thoughts and making few decisions will only take you so far. Important decisions or plans of future need some homework. Give precedence to social connections and the power of networking or promotion to your pet projects or any money making endeavor.  

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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