January 26, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction – 6th Oct – 12th Oct 2019 – By Indrani.

ARIES This week natives may feel more imaginative and reclusive at times as dreamy vibes cross your mind. Introspection, Inspirational or Futuristic thoughts as well Unfulfilling vibes may be keywords of the week. Communication has possibilities of derailment at times or few associates/ mate/partner may look out of sync to you. Diplomacy, Careful Communication is the way to go and so is to reach equilibrium of mind.

TAURUS Relationships and Social Circle bonding will offer you inner tranquil. Most would like to have Emotional Conversations, fun outings or time off from serious conversations. Your growing need recently to rejuvenate and Take some time for reclusive moments for yourself will bear prominence. Natives will give compassionate vibes and your helpfuls, kind nature will attract nice vibes from people around.

GEMINI It is important this week, for the natives, to reach a point of emotional balance, equilibrium of mind and actions. You are required to make some changes, in your perspective, representation of self and your responses. Natives must look into self healing, adjust with the surrounding and be diplomatic in communication. Professional or Personal Area may bring tiff for many natives. Moderation is the key and wear a shield against sensitive nature.

CANCER In Professional/Career/Financial realms this could be a positive week for most natives, as cosmos throws upon you opportunities and good results giving you a sense of fulfillment.  Things will look hopeful in your material world. In personal realms most natives would be motivated to brighten and smoothen edges within those riled up situations. There could be a sense of being pulled in multiple directions or a lack of balance. It is a mixed bag this week in relationship area.

LEO This week calls to enjoy your achievements of past and use the inspiration for future use of goal fulfillment. Few may also have a reward coming their way or a recognition. There could be tense feeling in the beginning of the week trying to balance emotional and professional needs. Keep an idea of steady progress this week. Some may want to splurge on self pampering.

VIRGO The week shall be a busy week around communication, connections, extending contact lists, intellectual conversations, productive thought process and seeking mind. This will increase your outreach and hence brighten the professional or Career Sector. Within Close personal relations few natives may wish to look at clarity or even feel a gap, if there is. Keep your analytical mind active and a sense of balance in all association. Bring your allies closer. Keep humility to good use.

LIBRA  Professional/Career Space will brighten up due to your pleasant representation of self and creative ways. There could be opportunities or even recognitions in store for many natives. You will feel at sync with professional acquaintances and colleagues. In Personal space there could a sense of restlessness or lack of calm. You need to take physical actions to mitigate those and reach to a conclusive decision.

SCORPIO This week most natives may feel extra attentive to their own needs or self pampering or even healthcare. You would be motivated to make yourself feel better and brighter at any cost. Within Interpersonal relations there could be out of sync conversations or you may feel things are not going your way or an individual is not tethered to your thoughts and ideas. By the end of the week everything will fall into place for most.

SAGITTARIUS Longing for moments of recluse or quiet time with loved ones or keeping away from noise or crowd will weigh heavier in most natives mind. This week provides a gentle nudge to reach a state of temperance and balance your emotions or more importantly restless thoughts. Moderation of thoughts. Emotional healing or gaining strength of mind will be the focus. Professional area shall be satisfactory.

CAPRICORN It is a professionally rewarding time, acclamations, rewards, and opportunities for most natives. If you had been not able to visualize your ambitious goals it is a right time to do so as cosmos will support your endeavors. Forward Movement for most in professional area. In personal realms relations or home life will now approach a balance or you would thrive to make it balanced. It is a good week for most natives

AQUARIUS  It’s a good week to use those opportunities thrown towards you and turn them to your advantage. Share ideas, be creative, improve your pitch/presentation hold stimulating conversations, accommodate ideas and keep your mental windows open for more information to come in. This week also calls for emotional openness and come out from the state of recluse. Strengthening your connections will serve you well.

PISCES It is a satisfying week for most natives as professional realms gives a sense of fulfillment or the progress of it. If something is not working it is a good time to reassess and change course towards more creative solutions. It is also a week of imaginations and trying new things, thinking out of the box. Relationships will remain satisfactory for most natives. The cosmos urges you to take action oriented steps and give it all you got into all your endeavors.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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