January 15, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 8th Dec – 14th Dec 2019 By Indrani

ARIES  This a better week in terms of energies and vibes, as most of the natives may want to feel adventurous and also to look at the light hearted approach towards life. Social connections will be pleasing. There is a balance required in your internal world which is torn between security and adventure. There is a definite change to feel this week.

TAURUS The energies are towards seeking clarity. What your heart desires and what your responsibilities are in present, and to strike a balance between this too. It’s a conducive week to open up, discard old concept, give your voice some strength and your wishes the wings to fly. Relationships will be satisfactory for most. Take the reins of your life.

GEMINI A week to get inner clarity about what you want  change you want in your relationships , personal or social, also about discarding what no longer serves you right. A balance is required in your thoughts and actions. There is an urgency to change how you connect with people around you as there are chances of you feeling over burdened. Finances could be positive for many.

CANCER It is an overall satisfactory week for most natives however powerful enough to change the coming days. A week of action, contemplation and enthusiasm.  Relationships will be harmonious for most natives. Social networking will be encouraging. Group projects or Collaborative efforts would require your leadership.

LEO There can be some positive news for many natives in Profession, Career or any money making projects. Social connections will be source of joy. Social connections and Networking would be encouraging and beneficial for professional growth this week. Relationships and Home Life would be satisfactory this week.

VIRGO   A week of inspiration, taking the reins of your life, exerting control and working towards changing your own destiny. It is a forward moving week for most. Deeper conversation is possible within few relationships and there are positive changes at home and at roots. This week has good opportunities to prove your worth in the career, Professional area.

LIBRA   Patience is a virtue this week, as there is a feeling that with each step  you take ahead and there are two steps behind movement. There can be difficulties being on the same page within few close relationships. Professional area, Money making endeavors or any other efforts if not have brought results, know that those will soon.

SCORPIO A positive week for all areas of life, More so for emotional fulfillment. Satisfaction in Professional life, and money making endeavors would be within reach. This week blesses the natives with courage and conducive time to bring about a positive change in wherever you desire most. The cosmos amplifies your “need to act” in collecting the blessings around you in various forms.

SAGITTARIUS  Harmony and ease will be the focus within relationships and social connections. If here had been any creases now is the time to look at ironing those out wherever you can. This week is conducive for pushing your new projects ahead also there can be ambitious opportunities to scale new heights professionally or in career. However impulse and haste must be avoided.

CAPRICORN  A week of healing, Offloading old baggage and approaching Calm. It is also about a transformation in your way of thinking about life in general. There are several changes in your daily life and also discarding what no more serves you would be ideal. It is a harmonious week for most natives. Your compassion and friendly behavior will strengthen your relationships and social connections.

AQUARIUS  It is a week which focuses on income and money making endeavors. Long term plans, balancing your expenses and income would be an encouraging move to start. There could be also feeling of breaking the mundane, social connections will be your saving grace there. It is a conducive week for pitching and pushing your pet projects to opinion leaders or higher ups but research is vital. Look for ward to balance and take the reins of your profession.

PISCES  Pushing your pet projects and any professional endeavors will show signs of encouragement from higher ups, opinion leaders and authority figures. There could be an urge to express yourself more creatively and reflect upon your past learning and assessment. It is also a time when most of the natives may feel private. Healing energies are there and it would be ideal to approach inner tranquil

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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