March 8, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction – 8th Sept – 14th Sept 2019 – By Indrani


ARIES : GooD week for collaborative projects, partnerships  and relationships. You are required to propel yourself with confidence and determination. Take the reins, use your wisdom, be connected with spirituality, cosmos supports you this week.


TAURUS : Any lack of equilibrium between soul purpose and representation of self can be achieved this week for most natives. Intuition will be within easy reach. Initiation your passionate dreams and projects. Bring People together collate ideas. it shall be a satisfying week for most.


GEMINI : It may be a rewarding week for many natives and opportunities may cross your way, Pick them up with confidence. In Relationship area, effective words shall come easy which makes it a blessed week for many. Most natives shall be in the spotlight and pleasantly enough.
 LUCKY DAYS : 8   


CANCER : Many natives may experience a trans formative week and many unexpected news may pour in some could be shocking, some may be pleasant. For most natives it shall be a satisfactory week in domestic life as well as career or professional endeavors. Interesting conversations are in store..
LUCKY DAYS : 9, 10, 11 


LEO: The cosmos this week urges most natives to initiate or take the first step towards a project idea, a business plan, a career related endeavor or even connecting to a person. You can push boundaries and you will be supported by the universe. Communication shall be easy for most natives.
 LUCKY DAYS : 8, 12. 13


VIRGO: Stalled Professional Progress or Projects will now move forward for most natives.Financially rewarding week for many natives with several opportunities coming your way. Relationships will turn sweeter for many natives and communication will be enhanced beautifying your tone, expressions and Project proposals.
  LUCKY DAYS : 9, 10, 11, 13 


LIBRA: For those who were feeling aimless and void may find some sense and direction. Many natives would be inspired to take a step in Self care routine, mental wellness , spiritual connection . Relationships will be beautiful this week for most. Professional, career or other endeavors shall be productive.
  LUCKY DAYS : 13 


SCORPIO:  Most natives may wish for a easy going and lighthearted moment of tranquil for themselves. Overburden and too much running around had been overbearing to many in the last few days. Travel plans could be there for many as well a want for recluse. Relationships will be most beautiful for some due to your efforts and dull for few as well due to your Reclusive behavior.
  LUCKY DAYS : 13, 14 


SAGITTARIUS: It could be an enthusiastic week for many natives this week as you would Like to bring in new ideas and push your agenda. Also in relationships you are inspired to propose and idea or express something stuck in your heart to your partner or a close friend. Expressing your repressed thoughts with wisdom will navigate you through this week.
  LUCKY DAYS : 8   


CAPRICORN: It shall be a better week for most natives in all area of life. Your recent past may had been enduring and taught you valuable lessons and now is the time to apply and also feel supported by cosmos. Much Progress can be witnessed by many natives and also willingness to bring forth several projects on-board.
  LUCKY DAYS : 8   


AQUARIUS:  It shall be a blessed week for most natives in Professional, financial and career realm. Your thoughts would be perfectly aligned and visible with your larger goal in life. Emotionally it shall be a charged up week, and you would want to hold intense conversations or intellectual discussions. Frivolity no longer appeals to you.  LUCKY DAYS : 9 

PISCES: This week calls for prioritizing , having an agenda , deciding which projects or tasks to accomplish. There had been divided attention to many directions which had delivered a sense of distraction or impediment in the way of desired results. In relationships your efforts shall help nurture.   LUCKY DAYS : 13 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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