June 18, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 10th Aug to 16th Aug 2020

ARIES   You may feel the restless vibe in beginning of the week, you would be wanting to stay in comfort of home or doing something for your loved ones. You shall be yearning companionship as career area could make you overwhelmed. Further you shall be able to get appreciated for your calm and maturity at work place. You shall be sorted mentally to deal with any unpredictability in career.

TAURUS  Opportunities are around you to promote your career and professional endeavors. You shall be motivated to put in extra work towards your career goals. You would be nudged to shake things up in your life and to reassess your goals of life. Learning, gathering information on industry trends could be beneficial. A change in perspective and approach would be meaningful now.

GEMINI  This week requires the successful application of your mental strength to how you detach from painful past. You shall find the confidence to work with people, colleagues, making meaningful connections. This is a satisfactory week for career realms. Spiritualism will provide  help in finding your emotional center. You are tuned in to your higher consciousness and that shall reflect well.

CANCER Joining hands with others, taking on group tasks shall be more rewarding for you. Exploring various opportunities around you but take time to review. Change is afoot for you. You may reflect your working strategies with people and how you relate to other for mutual benefit. You shall be motivated to improve your social image and career related efforts. You may be appreciated for your capabilities.

LEO  Taking initiative, speaking your truth and being more explorative shall come naturally. You shall be motivated in achieving more in work realms. You may require to reflect upon your big picture dreams. You mind is eager to learn and improve your present situation in whichever area you feel stuck. In an odd situation donot hesitate to take a moment off to and revisit with fresh mind.

VIRGO  You would review your learning process and would like to open up to gather information, learning, signing up for a course. New concepts, distant cultures intrigue you. It will be satisfying for you to express your deepest desires, emotions to someone close or anyone who gets you. Reassessing and meditation on your dreams and ambitions shall show you possibities.

LIBRA   Your focus would be on one to one conversations the relationships that are precious to you and to provide for, help and uplift them. Relationships can get that healing touch from your sensitivity and ability to calm amidst a storm. An intimate partnership could also go through assessment. Sharing your deepest feelings will bring back your emotional center.

SCORPIO  It is time to re-examine your relationships, whether they are emotionally fulfilling or reflect on them  as to how can you make them so.  You have a strong motivation to accomplish career goals. Support at work place and in career realms is there. You shall like to pick up your healthcare and daily productivity more seriously. Some appreciation for your skills can be available this week.

SAGITTARIUS  You may feel being finally recognized for your skills  in work place. However the beginning of the week could feel like not being able to express your creativity in your endeavors, the way that should be.  You may feel emotionally repressed or pinned down by circumstances. Further you have to take the reins of your life and go towards what makes you feel satisfied and accomplished.

CAPRICORN  You may have been emotionally drained and now is the time you can bring your learning experiences and implement them going forward. Withdraw from the chaos to reflect on your desires and plans . You may wish to change your strategy and give for preference to creative expression, and living without limiting thoughts. Love and relationships are blessed this week.

AQUARIUS  Home matters may go through a examination phase, you may have to figure out your approach as critical changes are occurring in your life. Making your home a pleasant place, could help you stay sorted. Work on the foundation of things, your goals and purpose of life. It is a good time to network, brainstorm, having meaningful conversations or even find love. Opportunities are around you.

PISCES Past experiences may be blocking your way towards future, or perhaps avoiding the lessons of past can be the reason. You shall be mentally sharp, motivated, going forward to explore opportunities to bolster your money making endeavors. You shall emerge as the wise one in communication due to your compassion and level headed approach. Work and career realms has support   

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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