May 31, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 10th May to 17 May 2020

ARIES  You shall feel more in control of your emotions and compassionate towards others, and would like to focus on fulfilling, steady connections. It is a productive week and  you would be motivated to work over time to accomplish your goals. Make sure to take ample break in between to replenish your spiritual and emotional batteries. Achieve for balance in all your actions.

TAURUS  You would be more reflective of the experiences and new inspirations that you had gained recently. Your mind is more explorative and would like to gather information, research and  to push your learning process. Your appetite for mental expansion and adventure has a healthy push from the universe. Further your money making ideas and future goals by holding brainstorming sessions.

GEMINI  You can heal your emotional wounds and relationships this week, by being wise, and with spiritual alignment. Ability to achieve emotional balance will only put you on a firmer foothold. You would want to step up for yourself, speak up your mind and express those thoughts which you had been holding on. It is about time to work on your unique position in the world. Work on self.

CAPRICORN  Your focus this week is to make each day productive, accomplish the discipline which you appreciate, including health and self care routine. Paying attention to details in professional journey, career decisions or even how you conduct yourself on a day to day basis will only take you so far. Inner peace is important. You shall be motivated this week to push forward your ambitions

AQUARIUS  You are attuned to your emotions, personal limitations which keeps you from achieving your goals, allowing this to be a enlightening soul search period. You are required to gain more Mental strength, Logic, clarity and emotional control at the same time making your efforts be passionate towards career  and monetary security. It is a healing opportunity you receive this week.

PISCES  You Shall have abundant emotional control and enthusiasm towards organic growth. You shall be able to take greater care of your physical and emotional body. You would be inspired to pursue your goals passionately and creatively. Any loose ends in your home life, you shall be able to tie , to a lot extend, If you are emotionally centered and Wise.

CANCER You shall be able to draw many insights and inner guidance to align your actions, reset your approach and how you connect with others, to gain more respect and love. Spiritual Alignment and balance of mind is required to process those thoughts. You would like to bring a sense of equal reciprocity within your connections, near or far.

LEO This week you may feel like disconnecting from the world to introspect your thoughts , Goals and review the patterns of  your relationships. You shall be able to connect with others, making your collaborative projects successful. Strive for emotional and physical well being and routine. Bring Back the focus on how your express yourself to the world and how you collaborate.

VIRGO This week focuses on your forward thinking abilities and supports research, learning, honing some skills, finding new avenues, alternatives and hence an explorative Mind. Let go of apprehensions and feeling of insecurities. Key Partnerships are in focus and how you work together in your personal world and professional realms. Address any issues rather than avoiding those.

LIBRA  It is a period of introspecting your self expression, how you display your thoughts with  a loved one, or even follow your passions. You are nudged to gain Head and Heart balance. Give attention to self care, holistic routine, and also avoid obsessive thoughts or behavior. Have an open explorative mind where free thinking evolve.

SCORPIO  Be more forthcoming in addressing issues than surrendering to assumptions and unclear thinking. Review how you connect and communicate with others, and what lessons you learnt in the area of self expression. Relationships and matters of love is in a review phase. This week you shall see improvement, if you allow yourself for creative expression.

SAGITTARIUS It is a powerful week to focus on organic growth in all areas of life A review around how you secure your finances, and approach the money making area is required and more expansive thoughts are invited. You are required to approach with wisdom. Social circle, Releases some stress and provides you comfort this week, along with inspiration.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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